Learn The Basics Of Action Sports Photography

Learn The Basics Of Action Sports Photography

Welcome to Snap Addict!

This is Season one, Episode one! The Introduction to Action Sports Photography!

Today, Phil takes you through aperture settings, shutter speeds, lens choice & timing, using both an entry level & professional nikon body!

Stay tuned for episode 2 as we take you through more action sports photographic techniques before proceeding on to post production & videography later on in the season!

A special thank you to Jackson Bartlett from MGP Action Sports for participating in this episode! For those wondering, this particular episode was filmed on a Canon 60D with a 15mm Sigma Lens!

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Noob RC says:

frail @ 11:50 …lol

Tobbe Mieden says:

When is the next clip ? Been 9 months since this one came out ?

No motorsport photographer worth their salt will be shooting at 1/2000th of a second, that is ridiculously high. I mostly shoot at 1/320th and below…

robstar61 says:

wow great photos thanks for the tips 

awesome.. soo imformative.

John Oliver says:

How did you focus though?  Example on that "superman" did you focus on the ramp and then get him as he jumped?  I didn't see you panning with him, so I'm not sure how you got continuous focus. Thanks

Relaxed style and very informative. Clearly demonstrated the need to understand your subject, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Loaf says:

Great video! 

iloper says:

thanks!. a nd filter on the videocamera would be good :)

MandJRecords says:

What song is the song called that is playing at the start?

Thank you, very helpful video!

there's absolutely no legitimate reason not to use a continuous burst for sports. any professional sports photographer will use it. for obvious reasons it makes way more sense than taking one shot and hoping it came out perfect.   

Simple, Clear, Precise! Great video!. You just earned 1 subscription from me and 1 like too :)

Hi, cool video, I'd like to know your  thoughts on back button  autofocus for action photography

Jeff Padmore says:

so good.  until dude rolled in on a scooter.  

Very Educational indeed…..!!
Good job….!

what was the second lens u used?

thanks a lot..nice one

what wold be the best lens to use for gymnastics, Mostly held indoors in areas like gymnasiums with lower light and no flash allowed. thanks

spliff32000 says:

lol too much warp stabilizer i am getting dizzy

that kid couldn't help laughing.

Sam Britton says:

When is episode 2 coming out??

Dirk Diggler says:

Action Sports at single shot mode are  u a having laugh… I don't agree with spray and pray but more shots more to work with but fewer and better quality agreed. Ask any pro burst mode

AGH331 says:

You took all the effort to make a great logo and produced a very nice, professional video. There might be some contentious bits (as evident from the comments), but overall a really promising episode, sooo … where's the rest? Why'd you stop?

I support this guy, sport is anything, not everyone in this world would into sports that other people like. It is sport, sport is anything. If he could not do better? Can you guys do better? Atleast appreciate what he did! If you are a pro videography why would you watch this? such an attention whore lol. Just enjoy the video! hahahha

GAMenBoy says:

PLEASE Tell me if only I tear the stomach for much laughter in the minute 11:54

This guy talks hell lot than practically doing

qual  lente voçe usa para sua fotos skate…

JS Burns says:

How much light is there….?

guy francis says:

It would be awesome if you wouldn't use the ken burns effect when you show your photos.

Scooters are the best action sport

Mark Harris says:

I think I slashed my wrists 30 seconds into him showing all his lenses, I'm not too sure if I did or didn't but I'm too bored to look. Well done letting the learning disabled lad sit with you at the beginning of the video though.

What's your mate think is so funny at the beginning? haha

im glad that there's only S1-E1.

imaMFinG says:

Thanks for the informative video. Just one question.. how does one do a bsbs on a scooter? Wouldn't that be a back-scoot? I see why you chose a scooter though, he can stick it every time. Especially when he puts his foot on the rail for balance (@10:30)

E2…..Jeasus i wouldn't risk it with this lot waiting to tear your head off :-0 whatever happened to just moving on if something is not to your thing. The guy is only trying to be helpful. He's not looking for your credit card :-0

rrstieb says:

Great vid and content. … Come back and make some more?????

very easy to follow…thank you for sharing and greetings from Phoenix AZ

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