Levitation Photography Tutorial: How to Hover with Multiple Exposures

Levitation Photography Tutorial: How to Hover with Multiple Exposures

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Scott Dale says:

What is that pad and pen you are using for photo shop? I so need that! (using a mouse makes things difficult)

good work tony… im proud of you like my own son

Ian R says:

Daym those windows 7 books …….. you must have had a loooooot of problems with your computer ;)

Now to convince my wife to sit on some books so I can try those photos out! Very cool!

that dude in the begining looks ssuper creepy….

Terima kasih atas infonya

Journ3y says:

love your videos! ive learned some grreat things including this tip here thanks again

Great tutorial. Can you pl tell me which wacom tablet best ?

Reef Shaw says:

good photography but shitty editing

Rohail Javed says:

which version is used of photoshop ?
i have photoshop CC

GIFF India says:

Hi, good informative,please link Any other Good tutorial

Taer Taer says:

very simple and very straight explained Programe. thank u for ur videos and efforts .😀

mrlozmoore says:

hey; good tutorial. i thought the guy in the beginning was a mannequin

Luke George says:

You two are Amazing! My photography is climbing to an all new level. Thank you Tony and Chelsea!

Her husband looks like a killer that forced her to make this Tutorial……….XDDDDDDDD

What type of wax is your husband using pls ? :)

Amyy Blue says:

I was looking around for levitation pictures that weren't cheesy the other day and this was my favourite and then i found iron here ☺️ awesome video!

One thing that really sells the levitation is creating the shadow under you once you remove the object you are sitting on. How would you go about creating the shadow to make your image look more believable? I made one a while back and didn't have my shadow under me and that was the first thing people noticed! LOL!

first i think how can you did levitation with fast shutter speed inside a room and without flash.. lol.. will try this soon.. thanks alot for the tutorial..

SUNDAY! says:

Omg she is so pretty and loveable. And smart

scikick says:

If you're doing it in post, shouldn't you be using something bright green or magenta so it would be easier to isolate and erase from the frame?
Also you're the only one levitating, why would your husband have to leave the frame? Keeping him there would cause fewer discrepancies between the frames.

you can use rubber stamp tool , to remove the books

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