Light Modifiers: Ep 240: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV

Light Modifiers: Ep 240: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV

AdoramaTV Presents Digital Photography One on One. This week Mark talks about the difference between an umbrella and a softbox. Learn how your light modifier is affected by size, shape and control.

Products used in this video:

Dynalite 40″ Compact Umbrella, White / Black

Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster, Programmable Digital Flash & Ambient Exposure Meter

Profoto Silver Umbrella 42″ #100616 / 505-605

Profoto D1 500 Watt Second Air Monolight Flash with Built-in Reflector & Power Cable, Coated Flash Tube

Flashpoint II 24″ x 36″, 60cm x 91cm, Softbox for all Model II Monolights

Profoto 50° Magnum Reflector #100624 / 505-504

Profoto D1 500 Watt Second Air Monolight Flash with Built-in Reflector & Power Cable, Coated Flash Tube

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One thing i dont understand, you meter the light at the subject, and get a f/4 (or whatever) and set the camera to that for a perfect exposure.. but doesn't it matter how far away your camera is? do you explain this in another episode?

mazinbuds says:

your model needed more make-up…

trantienlan says:

holly crap, your pictures are so sharp…

Yes but the reflected light off the models face doesn't obey the inverse square law because of the magnification factor you get with using a longer focal length lens at the greater distance. With that magnification comes a larger front element that gathers more light, the f-stop ratio being the same. The best example of this is taking pictures of the moon at night. If you want to see the features on the moon you use a day light exposure. Hope that helps.

Hallo Mark witch Stands you used?

Bruno Clyde says:

Hi.. what I need to get the same result at 10:46 … the westcott 7 feet Umbrella and what about the Monolight?… can I use the Flashpoint II 620M, 300 Watt??….
Please help.

Ken Cheng says:

In reality, if you weren't doing a video, would you have left the lights of the room off? And perhaps just use the modeling light of the moonlight to see? Or does it not make any difference?

No, it doesn't matter where your camera is. Once you expose for a certain area your settings are the same regardless how far you are from the model. If the light doesn't change, neither will your settings. 


remy Khuong says:

how much is the bigger umbrella Mark.

THE LIGHT? Is it a 300 or 600 or 1200 mono light

oncorpse says:

This dude is AWSOME. thank you for this video. omg I now know a lot more than 15 minutes ago

what size the umbrella is.

Jake Jubie says:

You could get the background completely black by positioning the model and light farther from the background. But the light at the same distance.

ehab ezat says:

it would be great if you included beauty dish 

What different affect do you have if we take the black skin off the umbrella and set the flash source to go through the umbrella?

Dave Suffys says:

I'm always wondering, why it seems that the "tv" part of the logo is out of focus.. or is it just me?

asrotties says:

Dang and here I thought you did this all in one take with no mistakes.  ha ha  Great job, I appreciate all of your explanations.   I am a learn by seeing type and the videos you make are easy to understand.

what about a shoot through unbrella ?

Siebenthal says:

This was very helpful to me! Thanks a lot, Mark!

Man that first shot with that Parabolic is just gorgeous… much like a fashion high key shoot.

Razzaq Redha says:

Can the big umbrella use with speedlite/flash

Marty Turner says:

The info was great, but I love the outtakes!

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