Light Painting Photography Technique

Light Painting Photography Technique

Learn how to photograph using only a flash light as your light source for more info on this topic visit:




if the camera's shutter speed is slow enough for you to light paint 

Geeksmithing says:

Why does he say "SHOT" like that?

this was wack light painting!!

That tripod and head looks wicked sturdy! What model is it?

Rabi Ahmad says:

This is great! We don't even need multiple expensive light sources. Just a flashlight and a bit of trial and error and we can achieve amazing stuff from this :)

but in this tutorial room is not completely dark.

Probably so we can see whats happening…

ehehehe… "farther" is when you fart again and again… 

superrrr,thank You never came on this good trick

Nice One, never thought about this :)

Great tutorial…I can hardly wait to give this a try. Thank you.

B Murphy says:

Really interesting

Maine Man says:

Right, and all of your light painting tutorial can be found at,……. ????

Criticism is easy when your not invested, why not just say "Thank You" and move on ?

Maine Man says:

Thank you Robert for this great light painting tutorial, it's really got me motivated to experiment with my own light painting !

Great video. I'm still new at light painting but I wanted to ask you. If your using a 15 sec shutter speed. What is the max time you would spend painting? Cuz I notice you only spent 5-8 seconds painting.

Logan Abrego says:

what is this song?

bhag meister says:

Fantastic – thanks. f/22-/25, ISO 100, 15s exposure – got it. Is there a way to quantify the range of light required? Would like to try with film. I guess a Polaroid preview would work but let's assume that's not available.


Ali Gohar says:

Great video!

Greetings, I love this idea – what lens was used in the camera, and does it make a difference? 

soppan96 says:

Wow thanks for this video! Really nice and interesting, will try this asap :)

Selim Lazen says:

giving a try right now. thanks a lot for the tip

rahul singh says:

Sir only one word you are a gr8 I love your techniques I love it hat's off ….superb creativity…. Love it 

what camera and lens was used

Thank sir, very useful technique.

great tip!! thanks

Great video thanks, do you have any tips about taking shots of static cars at night, obviously I need to walk around the car but I dont want pictures of me looking like a ghost walking around it! thanks

mrnomore says:

iso 10000000? :)

What is this, 95? The quality is horrible….and whatever I search for, this guy comes up int he resuls and I have to sieve through the videos…'ve just littered youtube with your horrible videos.

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