Lightroom 6 Tutorial – Cinematic Photography Edit In Lightroom CC

Lightroom 6 Tutorial – Cinematic Photography Edit In Lightroom CC

In this lightroom CC Video Tutorial I show you haw to create a cinematic photo in Lightroom 6. Editing cinematic photos is pretty simple using these lightroom tips and tricks. By the end you will have created an amazing cinematic photo effect in lightroom

This photography Tutorial for beginners will help you become better at lightroom editing and is brought to you by:

In this Video you will learn:

– Edit photos in lightroom 6
– How to create a cinematic look in Lightroom CC
– Cinema film feel in lightroom
– Cinematic photography
– Cinematic photo editing in lightroom


Part 1 – Lightroom Quick Start Guide –

Part 1 – Library Module basics
Part 2 – Collections
Part 3 – Ultimate Workflow –
Part 4 – Exporting photos –

Part 1 – Basic Panel –
Part 2 – Crop tool –
Part 3 – Tone Curve –
Part 4 – HDR Merge –
Part 5 – Selective Color –
Part 6 – Amazing Skies –
Part 7 – HSL –
Part 8 – Radial Filter –
Part 9 – Spot Removal –
Part 10 – Split Toning –
Part 11 – Lens Corrections –
Part 12 – High Fashion Color Toning –
Part 13 – Clarity Tool –
Part 14 – Vibrance And Saturation –
Part 15 – White Balance –
Part 16 – Vignette –
Part 17 – Film Grain –

Part 1 – How To Retouch Eyes –


Part 1 – Full Beauty Retouch –
Part 2 – Full Landscape Retouch –
Part 3 – Cinematic Photography –

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excellent quality tutorials and glad to see your not switching in to PS to do other adjustments like so many other "Lightroom tutorials"

its.mihai says:

Too much blue imho

Hi George, I can't get my Bands at the top totally Black, it still looks a bit see through. I'm using LR6 on windows. HELP!!!

vankozz says:

you just made it blue-ish….

Shuvo Ahmed says:

Hi, May i know, What was the aperture, ISO, lens height , which lens used in this photos.

Bhangbros says:

Will you please provide the links to the RAW files or something like that in order to get them so that I can do the exact in tandem for myself.

just what I've been looking for! thank you!

Hi George, what is the model of tablet you use to edit?

I don't have the RGB option in the tone curve, where can I find it?

Why do You use gradient filter instead just crop the image? Did You want to keep black areas in the frame?

Jake Mix says:

Thank you so much for your vids. I'm enjoying and learning at the same time

I am having fun editing photos and love that I can make my teeth whiter and eliminate wrinkles with such ease. That was the first thing I did and I am realizing the fun of the word “Photoshop". I have never had a program that could do that and there are so many options available. I will update any changes but so far this beginner is loving being able to edit pictures so cool and I am going to have fun with my Holiday picture this year and my pets.

Cryp Tox says:

Please help me creating the style of the photos of toni mahfud…

Tom Delaisse says:

I make cinematic edits, go check my last video if you want ;)

I dont like the bars to each their own. Great tutorial though

Tito Arana says:

Great tutorial! Keep up the good work and keep posting videos. Thanks!

FastAkira says:

Really bad color grading. Please folks check some other tutorials.

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