Lightroom Tutorial: Using Tone Curves to Create a Fairy Tale

Lightroom Tutorial: Using Tone Curves to Create a Fairy Tale

This video tutorial covers using tone curves to rescue an almost unusable photo and turn it into a nice fantasy style portrait.

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Nyana11 says:

with which camera is this shot taken ?

dasBlubbs says:

Very usefull video. Even as a non native english speaker it was easy to follow. Finding the right points in german version also easypea! Helped me alot. Thanks for this nice Video.

Andre Arman says:

Did you using RAW as shot?

Jamal Thomas says:

what lens where used here bro ?

I really enjoyed this tutorial!. It was awesome to see some really great techniques and your really informative and realistic workflow while processing this image. Great job.

here is what I think you get this expensive cameras plus you know lenses and woo… and then you go and do lightroom and other bs I dont care and you call this a photography hmmmmmmm.., really ok you win mr. so called photographer professional.

zo taylor says:

tone curve is probably the best reason to buy a lightroom 🙂 everybody is so crazy about this effect

Madi Kanoute says:

so we buy a £300 camera, spend even more on expensive lenses then are expected to spend £100 for this editing software that I can do easily on my iphone (AfterLight has basically all the same features and I bought it for 60p) what a load of BS :/

Marsha Wood says:

Enjoyed your video.  Had never used the tone curve.  Will definitely be learning to use this.

Dee Zak says:

Thanks a lot for your video! It helped greatly! Plan on watching more!

I'm at about 9 minutes in, and her skin is a little bit green. Would reducing the green in the hilights with the curve do the trick?

Thanks a lot ! I have been searching for the tone curve tutorial…

what an awesome shot. you could make this a poster and sell it, but i personally think it looks amazing with less exposure!

zzseba says:

Dramatic change, great tutorial, thanks!

great video man. thanks for sharing

hello…photoroom is app …how can i get this software…plzz..anyone can…say..

roflbiscuit says:

This video was so helpful. Thanks so much!

Why i have no channel tab in TONE CURVE? I have latest lightroom.

thanks! this helps my latest maternity shot!

geshnizusa says:

Wow! Quite noisy because of all the drastic color and tonal changes.

that introduced me to a new way of using the tonal curves. many thanks

Can i replicate these same effects using Gimp?

First time I've seen tone curve used this way, Interesting.

Ibrahem T says:

thank you for sharing that video with us! I was wondering if you can add the photo that you used in that video. Thanks a lot!

Victor Villa says:

Helped me bring a whole new dynamic to my edits i never thought of thank you sooo much!!!

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