Macro Photography – Some Surprising Results!

Macro Photography – Some Surprising Results!

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In this second episode of my two part Macro Photography tips video we actually see the results generated by the various lenses, cameras and accessories discussed in the first video. The dedicated macro lens uses was a Canon MPE-65. The extension tubes were Kenko.

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Sophie Berry says:

this is the best advice i have ever received, the most practical and useable advice; so thank-you very much I have subscribed and liked this video and look forward to all your future videos :)

49eddieg says:

Great video! I am new to Macro and was wondering about using Ring Flash. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you

how about reverse ring adapter?

You should have showed the macro lens with the extensions. I like to take pictures of circuits and use a Tamaron 90 with all three Kinko extensions. It is amazing but extremely annoying getting the perfect shot. Just focusing the lens can throw your shot off, and the depth of field is near 0. Great video and thx!

Naj says:

Love it

you mite have answered this can you use extension tubes on telephoto lens

essexmole says:

wow that dedicated macro lens was amazing ive only just got a dslr from using a kodak ci143 i now have a fujifilm finepix s6500 to start me off any tips for macro on this camera i dont think i can change the lens

CSMedia says:

Sigma 105 is one to test, it out performs Nikon and others and highly recommended.

erzewnicki says:

I just got an extension tube set. But How do you keep the aperture of the lens open. Maybe Im in a Minority being a Sony shooter, but the apertures on my lenses are spring loaded. I can set them wide open on my camera, but when I take the lens off, the aperture closes down as far as it will go. I have a full manual lens and that works fine side I can set the aperture on the lens.

So How do you keep the aperture on the lens Open when using the extension tubes?

Jat Bhangu says:

Good tog You rock man.

N8Ryder says:

Karl have you ever played with reverse rings?

Betzy Shaw says:

What extension lens did you use for the standard 18-55mm? 

Mark Eckert says:

Very interesting, I really enjoyed this.

uTukan says:

What about putting the ext. tubes on the macro lens, + close up filters + telephoto converters haha? The qualitty would probably be really bad, but it could be interesting

you shows have showed the revers rig, i use one with my 18-55 and its so good.

So can u tell me, Which extension tubes i should buy ? which one is the best ?

tjt072 says:

Another good thing to use for macro is macro filters. I guess it's like the tube but they are filters. I don't know how they compare to the other things though. 

nusphere says:

Great video thanks for sharing!

Polly Todd says:

This was brilliant…..thank you!

UCAN says:

I watched the video How To Save Money With Your Macro Photography, Lesson 1, it took me a while to find Lesson 2 since its called Macro Photography – Some Surprising Results!  I looked for How To Save Money With Your Macro Photography, Lesson 2.  It was harder to find lesson 2. BTW, you are a great presenter. Love your videos.

Mayukh Bari says:

I think with lens reversal 250mm can beat the extension tube

I also like the Lowpro products and this video was very helpful Thank you

Big Bick says:

I use extension tubes with my MP-E 65 and a ring light but sometimes also use macro filters with the lens and tubes, giving me extreme macro capabilities with the downside of being insanely bulky

I guess you missed to consider the Macro Filters. Very cheap solution, which I like more then the extension macro adapters. 

Try using two sets of extension tubes+a reverse mount ring. You'll get some amazing results.
I shot a 20p piece with these items and whilst I did not get as close as you did using your macro lens, I did come very close;
I managed to capture the first three letters, plus half of the letter 'N'. So for £11.00, I'm not complaining! I'm awaiting the arrival of my 3rd set of extension tubes. Then we'll be into microscopic territory!
As I have discovered, macro photography is limited only by your imagination.
Good luck everyone!
Ilonka & Daz x

FMJFilmMedia says:

I didn't hear you mention macro filter for lens you already own. Much cheaper, you can get a macro kit with 4 different power lens. Just need quality glass not some cheap brand from ebay.

The macro did get much closer but it had a ton of chromatic aberration.

Great video! Would you please add your dedicated macro lens info in the description box? Thank you!

i am planning on getting a 7d mark 2 camera, but i need to know the differences between the white color lenses and the black ones, i also capture wildlife, landscapes, portraits,macro etc. so i need u to please suggest me with the lenses. i am confused with all those. thank you. i will be waiting for the video…. i have seen your dvd series they are very good. thanks for the work….

iSabier says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing. The extension tubes seem a great idea but the magnification from a true macro lens, like the last one, is incredible.

Lau Bjerno says:

Why haven't you tested a macro reversing ring? It's quite a lot better than the tubes!

can you combine your extension tubes with ur dedicated macro lens? will there be more magnification? thanks for ur video!

Elwaly Alami says:

Hello how much cost the extention tube for nikon d3200 can I use it too

Ian Hall says:

Great video, a lot of useful tips too. Very informative. Thanks! I'll subscribe on this videos merits alone. I'm looking forward to watching more.

Karl, thank you for this video. It was definetely very educating. I wonder if you've ever shot any test with mid-range (~100mm) macro lenses. Another question is if there is any lens like this dedicated macro lens for Nikon bodies. Once again, thank you for this video e congrats!

there are no extension tubes with contacts for pentax and the new 18-55 doesn't have a "real" focusing ring.

michal broza says:


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