Macro Photography Tips Part 1

Macro Photography Tips Part 1

Macro photography is all about the ability to get in very close to your subject so it can fill the frame completely. There are specialist macro lenses which have fixed focal lengths, but you don’t have to have a special lens to shoot close ups. In part 1 we’re out doors in the garden – but there’s loads you can do inside as well which we’ll explore in part 2.

Many telephoto zoom lenses have a macro range or macro setting which enables closer focussing on a subject. Whilst not true macro lenses they do a spiffing job none the less. Because macro photography means you get in close your depth of field will shrink dramatically which looks fantasic – but it can cause problems.

When your DOF gets that small even tiny movements like breathing can knock the area you want sharp out and it looks fuzzy. I recommend a tripod at all times because of this.

Light is very important for macro photography. You’ll often be photographing small softer items and harsh light can be too much for them. A reflector can help – but it’s best to think about what you’re photographing and ask if the light is appropriate.




Rick D says:

Thanks for a simple easy to understand video

Can you make a video using macro lens phone…


hi Mike. what tripod are you using?

jamtart161 says:

LOL your so funny

Ankit Kumar says:

Hey Mike Browne, you did a superb job. I amazed by your work, me too interested in this so i created my own.
My macro photography collection of 26 photos clicked by an ordinary mobile phone camera (5 mp) with cheap small macro lens. Just check it out and appreciate my work.

watch this for some really cool photographs shot from iphone

Would it be better to shot in Manuel and the focus yourself? Also use a tripod

Very clear descriptions but that gorgeously photogenic wall is quite a distraction.

Good video but strange flower

Steve Guri says:

Great video! Thank you so much Mike!

oWetThings says:

what metering mode should I use for macro?

Jake Moran says:

what lens is it

Ci Chris says:

Is it better to use the zoom button on the camera to get a close macro shot or is it better to move close to the subject to get that good macro shot? I always use my zoom button and I've noticed that I have issues with getting my camera to focus on the subject more.

mailperson says:

Just don't try and take those flowers on a windy day, especially little tiny one's.

mailperson says:

I have that lens and made the mistake of using it with a macro light that screwed into the filter ring. I assume it was too heavy and now the lens will only focus in manual mode. Auto focus won't work at all.

Dre says:

what kind of tripod is that i really like it

zoh ahs says:

is that a sigma 105 f2.8 macro lens?

Mazen Khaled says:

please I need answer
I have a digital camera called
(vivitar vivicam x024)
could I get macro shooting with it?
and is it a good camera generally
please I need a quick answer.

hello i have a canon which lenses will be best on a economic price thank you

Black Titan says:

i have a Canon 50mm 2.5 macro compact, I know it's not a true 1:1 macro but is it still solid side lens?

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