Macro Photography/Close-up Digital Photography Tutorial featuring Flowers

Macro Photography/Close-up Digital Photography Tutorial featuring Flowers

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zombie says:

Quation. For the extension tube what kind i need cause i found i 8$ one

TheMonjum says:

awesome video. .really helpful.

smilsmff says:

EASY with Macro lens, try shooting without

I've been looking for macro photography tips/tutorials and this is the best one out there. Easy to understand and does not take long, only the important things to get started are explained. Thanks Tony!

benellias87 says:

Which lens did you use?? i could see that was a sigma.. but which one?

Which Macro Lens will you recommend ?

Joe Correia says:

Hi Tony would you also use an extension tube on a dedicated macro lens, or is that not necessary?

The old Fujifilm S5600 has the amazing ability to take super macro, zoom in and place the lens only 1cm from the subject! It is amazing! For macro with a bridge camera it is unbeatable. Check out some of my shots with this camera on search for Stormlover2007. 😀

Hi, I have a sigma 17/70 2.8-4.5 macro hsm, do you think it will be a good lens for macro? I bought this lens 2 years ago because I found it very cheap, never really took shoot with it.

Ci Chris says:

Is it better to use the zoom button on the camera to get a close macro shot or is it better to move close to the subject to get that good macro shot? I always use my zoom button and I've noticed that I have issues with getting my camera to focus on the subject more.

I use a reversing ring that costs around 20$. You get an extreme magnification (5:1).
The apperture ring is controlled by a lever with some sort of spring, but to leave it open I just cut a Q-tip to block it about half-way. At this point, I'm about to learn the "focus stacking" technique.

Brilliant review.

Frank Ding says:

Does using extension tubes make you lose AF and a few stops of light?


Would u recommend a Marumi DHG Achromat Macro Lens 330 (+3) 55mm
I have a sony dsc0hx300 trying to find something compatible that might work with this camera. Do not have a lot of money, just 100 or less. looking for a decent diopter

Todd Roy says:

Will shooting at f22 cause light refraction?

Emad S says:

Thank uuu very much

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