Multiplicity Photography Tutorial

Multiplicity Photography Tutorial

Multiplicity Photography is the process of taking several photos of a human, animal, or object in different areas of the frame, and then combining them in Photoshop. In sports, this is known as Sequence Photography.

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E Miff says:

Brilliant, you've made it look so easy to do. Thank you

Andy B says:

so good this video thx…

Zain Aszed says:

Cool tutorial. Inspiring actually! So I went ahead and tried it. Here is a link to the image. Let me know what you think.

Nic 1…..thnx mate

nabil ahmed says:

Excellent …

cnn says:

Trick Photography

There is an android app to do this. The app name is "Action Sequence". Reduces this whole process to one click.

Best video ever and easy to follow. well done and thank you to share your knowledge with us.

CameraKid2 says:

how do i do this in gimp?

which photoshop is this???

which photoshop is this???

stillX2 says:

Your Explanation for Multiplicity Photography is simple

Thank you

Sahil Malhan says:

Thankyou so much. You are my Guru ! Here is 4 of me … 100 coming soon 😛

Sathy Mir says:

hi, but i am still confuse

Sathy Mir says:

bcz when u remove first pick but still back ground is not hideing

Sathy Mir says:

sir when i remove pick back ground goes black

Dhruv Chugh says:

which camera do uh use..?

I notice that the guy on the ground his shoulder got cut off lol

I did something of the sort with a Melbourne tram. I took a sequence of shots as it came towards me, then later blended four of them to get a very long tram.

charliewisp says:

What is the intro song?

hey i am kinda new to the whole photoshop thing but am really enjoying your videos. but am wanting to try one thing if its even possible. id like to try this multiplicity but with also changing the sizes of people is it even possible and ifd so how? i can seem to find a video on it any where?
many thanks in advance :)

lol his windows is way too old

its not working

DA TO says:

Thanks !

Jason Chang says:

Hi help pls~ when i use the brush the erase the person, it became all black… so what should i do?? thanks

I brush the image away and it disappears. But when I do CTRL I he does not comes back? Also when I paint it does not show black in the white layer. Please help.

when I paint with the brush it erases the subject but does not paint on the layer. Use to work not sure if I clicked something by mistake.

Brian D says:

hello learning as much as I can…but its ugly and need the back ground sorted…

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