Nikon D3300 unboxing

Nikon D3300 unboxing

Practical Photography Gear Editor Tim Berry unboxes the brand new entry-level Nikon D3300, outlines the key feature and gives you his first impressions. For a full in-depth review buy Practical Photography’s Spring edition, available in shops from March 20 2014.




FlameSnipe says:

looking forward to the review 

dardzman99 says:

Is there a microphone input

I m looking to buy my first DSLR so which is good New Nikon d3300 or canon 600d

Hi guys where is the full review? thanks

I like the suite case you use to transport the camera…what is it ??? A  nuclear war head or something???

Gianni villi says:

Nikon d3300 o nikon d5200??

This is a horrible video. Half the time the picture isn't even in focus.  

kdanh712 says:

Is this compatible with a external microphone?

Denis Guerra says:

Why did you recieve your camera in that so special package? It's not like others unboxing.

LamsterLou says:

who else finds wrapping off of the plastic on the lcd screen SO SATISFYING!?

Mazin Bashar says:

should I get the Nikon d5300 or the Canon 750d?
also, is the d3300 a big step down from the d5300?

True Kili says:

ITS NOT PRONOUNCED THAT WAY that the name nic or Nicholas NO! Yes I'm a brit to and I don't say nic in the word/company name Nikon.

mandar says:

Guys!!! it cant get cheaper than this.
big billion days rocks ❤
Grab this camera b4 it gets out of stock offer link
20.5k only plus 10%extra off with sbi debit or credit

how much lens does it have with box :?

KG Deleon says:

what's the disk for?

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