Nude Photography – Tips for Photographers and Models

Nude Photography – Tips for Photographers and Models

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Bill Cubitt says:

Hi, I found your video very well done and thoughtful. You take in consideration of the photographer and model together. To me a beautiful photo is a collaboration of the 2 people creating the image and not just one over the other.

Back in the days of Medium Format and 35mm film cameras, yes Polaroids were useful to see the immediate effect but with digital cameras you see the image straight away, so why would you bother with a Polaroid.  Bit of old tech from Mark? ;)

Brian VENTH says:

Couldn't agree more that it is all about communication… I always tell people at my workshops, if your subject is not posing the way that you want them to it is always your fault be that because you haven't made them comfortable with you, that you haven't told them what you want form them or you are just not telling them that they are looking great.

A lot of photographers seem to forget that we are the only ones that see the model so not only do they need to trust us to capture them in a way that is faltering to them but we also need to act as their eyes by telling them they look amazing!

I have been shooting as an amateur, a student and a professional photographer for over 17 years, and now I am finally looking into expanding my portfolio with nude photography.

Although I had film various nude scenes in feature and short film as a cinematographer, I have yet to shoot any nude stills. This video definitely opens up a great and positive conversation between photographer and models. Keep up the great work Imogen and Mark!

seksualusis says:

Hi, there! I find your reserved use of your body to be natural part and to the benefit of your girlish shyness, the very continuum of who you are, with all of its charm. Not the amount of body on sensor surface is going to amount to the sum of the beauty, creativity,  professionalism and luck, anyway.
Finding myself in romance with the toy and retro cameras, I know, would be starting with the application of their character to the body – less of it uncovered, more obvious would be the frame for inventiveness. In fact, creativity often unfolds very well in the actual presence of some restriction. With lovely world of your imoges being the proof ;-)

Ryan French says:

Thanks for the video. I'm debating on getting into nude photography. Your video brought up some good ideas to consider when dealing with someone who is a little less likely to be comfortable with full nudity as yourself. Thanks for your time putting this together.

DicksPC - says:

Well dont just talk about it, lets see you posing nude without getting deleted off YouTube" LOl

Jeff S says:

Been watching your channel a while and it always seems you're using around a 50mm,  gotta jump into the 150mm range and get some better compression for both subject and background.

I'm convinced that part of your insecurity just comes from being a very intelligent and sensitive person. Being observant, being able to have sophisticated thoughts, knowing about alternatives and the complexity of making good decisions leads to some doubts that some happy-go-lucky people never have. I know that it makes next to no difference but please know that there is absolutely no objective reason for you to be insecure about your body. It is beautiful, just like your beautiful face and your beautiful mind. I know you are presenting yourself in the videos and that we don't get to see nowhere near the complete real you but you allow us to see into you just enough to recognise the beauty of your mind. Your photos would not be as captivating as they are, if that weren't the case. Thank you for your inspiration.

ajay fay says:

What!! I remember you from Flickr! Like way back in the day! You used to shoot with that guy, unexopectedtales, I remember you being the reason he was so popular. . you had that green sweat shirt, and a few green outfits that matched those eyes . . Then lots of yellow. . . So random to see your video. . I thought you look familiar. . Well, glad you are still doing your thing. . I wish you were here in the bay area. . I'd love to shoot with you. . Those eyes – ahh!!

I have no intentions of doing nude models but wouldn't really hesitate if the opportunity came up. I'm almost done with my photography minor and it's impossible to get anyone to model. Yes, fully clothed. Parks, gardens, in the city, country, public places but I get a firm 'no' before I can finish my proposition. Just a student here looking to top off my portfolio. It's chock full of architecture, animals and foliage. After a while it's looking all alike. Six years ago it wasn't a problem (I got friends and their friends involved) but now it's a miracle I'll get someone to 'think about it' even after talking about everything, my gallery and hand over a business card.  ;_;

Very appreciated. Thanks for sharing. I paint the nude, and will definitely benefit from your advices. Cheers !

Loved your smart video.

Work blower says:

Your touch on Nude Photography is great means the words used on this sensitive case is wonderful. I'm enjoying your videos and great tips…

TheDbrunson says:

Please make the "scared rodent" face again. Thank you. Love that. Sorry to hear of your insecurities. They are unfounded in the viewer's eye.

Scorcher2112 says:

Couldn't you just listen to that ACCEnt all day and night. OMG!!!

geegock8 says:

I am surprised that your understanding of your insecurity hasn't created a formidably positive reaction to it. I see your desire and I wholeheartedly encourage you to share all your beauty. Thanks for your interesting and beautiful project! I am trying to subscribe. Mike

dragdragon23 says:

nude photography is art, but is it the way you do it! Like in movies, they say it is art, but some times they throw in the nude stuff to hide the weakness of the film. But if it is part of the story, then it has to be in.

Best fkn segment ever

LatexGame says:

Totally helpful hints and tips – love the way you list your settings. I find the implied nudity so helpful and the shot lying on the floor is by far one of my favorite – Helena with the light on the wall nude. Great work thank you for sharing!

Jas Mann says:

Hey Imogen,
really glad you did female nude models, it's so beautiful, shooting male models would be bollocks, tehe.

K.W. Hanapi says:

Excellent video, very well described.Keep up the great work…

Vicviperzone says:

Short but useful video. I have some photographer friends and talk about the same situation. Comunication is the key. Fully agree with the idea of this tips.

James Medina says:

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You are really dedicated model!

Enjoyed the video very much. Now if I could just find a model.

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you guys are AMAZING models

marten mool says:

What I have seen suggests to me the seriousness
Always we need encouragement to go to trial
You do succeeded his experience

Bruce Mount says:

This was really helpful thank you. Very well explained.
(….and I can't see any possible reason for you to be insecure about your body….but I'll leave that topic alone….)

Nick Cameron says:

Great video. Thank you for being so candid. I'm planning on doing some nude photography soon and this has helped me to approach my project in a professional and sensitive manner. Thanks!

martin cook says:

Great video. The images are beautiful thanks to their subtlety, natural tones and implied 'nudity'. Lovely work.


Nice Photos 🙂 I give You my SUB :-)I invite You to watch my channel too Guys :-)

Ken Knopp says:

Lots of really great information and pose ideas.  I like the implied nudes, probably a good place to start for any photographer.  Great video

Great tips thank you!

Ed Rymes says:

Wow, can't believe I missed watching this a year ago. Interesting topic that has photographers often tongue tied. While I generally like Marks's work, the image at about 5:20 needs cropping in my humble opinion. Too much bare space behind the behind. 😉

As to your reluctance to not go nude, I can respect that but you must be comfortable in your own skin first as those beautiful eyes will give away your discomfort. Just a note though, with your porcelain skin tone I'd say you would be better in a black & white format. Thanks again.

Joseph Gelb says:

excellent yeh its got beautiful light

i forgot what she said, i was lost n the eternal beauty of her mystical eyes.i can't even remember my name.

Chad Kamerad says:

When I shoot in studio I often shoot tethered so the model can see the photos while shooting. I have found that I get better shots when the subject has instant feedback.

I haven't done a photography job in years, but I'm doing life drawing classes now. The models are nude obviously, and one of them told me she feels great afterward. One of the other artists told me that she thinks everyone looks beautiful nude, once they get over it, and I think she's right. In my opinion, you should try and work yourself up to doing a nude photo shoot with a photographer you trust. You have a beautiful body.

Marcus M. says:

Many thanks for the advice Imogen. Excellent as usual. ♥

antaniza says:

Your gorgeous face with that perfect sexy feet on the background win.. wow.

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