Orbs – Light Painting Photography Tutorial

Orbs – Light Painting Photography Tutorial

http://photoextremist.com/orb-light-painting-tutorial go here to get all the links and see the full written blog article on how to make abstract light painting long exposure photographs of orbs and spheres.




Andrew H says:

Just getting started and your video work is VERY helpful! 

ItsTheBungle says:

Wait, 2:00am in the MORNING?!

Sam McBride says:

I'm going to guess that it was a strand of lights that you weighted down near the bottom and then you held it out in front of you and twirled it around and around..Kinda like you did the other ones, but this one was latitudinal instead of longitudinal . Hope this makes sense. :-)

Hey !!you're Awesome…captured on a road….!!!!!

Matt Inman says:

Im going to say the last photo was made using a cordless drill, a piece of string and then an LED on the end. The drill would be turned on and the light would spin in a small circle and gradually increase as it is lifted up higher. Then the drill woulr be turned off and the circles would get smaller. That's my guess… 

Chris FRUCI says:

Hey that was a very nice video, though I would like to know how you got the dif roads ones

can you tell me pls haow you merged the 4 photos in photoshop,many thanks

Really beautiful photos!

the last photo was taken with two lights one at each end of a stick … right?

dakota page says:

Dude!! Your work is so freaking amazing! I love it!!

spinnerdick says:

a light a pole and you wrap the lights around the pole and let it unwind am i right i hope so. fantastic video i will try some very very soon thank you

key chain with an led

But one question how did you remove your body out of the shot ?

You made one or two light painting orb and then keep copying it and pasting it in the picture.

Teo Yong Yao says:

you are using joysticks to do an orb that ps paste and copy…

BooKinG- Cae says:

how do it in the camera 700d eos t5i please help

you hung the led lights on a pole and push them down from top and they swirl around the pole giving that effect

E.L. Bl/Du says:

light on a stick, twirlled in different places, covering your lense inbetween the indiv. swirls………do I win the prize? I have had really good results w/ your tutorial on the cds w/ water droplets. can't wait to try more, this looks fun

joebigmumma5 says:

my guess for the last pic is a kids totem tennis pole with string and led

La Vie says:

He's cute, really good tutorial too

Tanmay Nafe says:

You used hula loops of different sizes with leds on them


Great video, Evan. I'm a little late to the party but thanks man, very much appreciated 🙂 p.s. Subbed, obviously.

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