Outdoor 50mm Portrait Photography Tutorial [ PART 1/3 ]

Outdoor 50mm Portrait Photography Tutorial [ PART 1/3 ]

In this part 1 of 3 video I will show you how to set up your camera, achieving bokeh, using a reflector and working with a model.
Part 2 will focus on retouching and part 3 will be all about coloring your image.
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Zen Koku says:

I'm kinda new into photography and I have no other equipments like that reflector, lightbox and what not.. I only have my dslr at my disposal. and is it possible to get good shots even without those equipments aside from your cam and your subject for shooting?

Devin F says:

Amelia needs a chill pill. Move slow and swiftly

All due respect, please teach correctly. It is misleading to "teach" individuals to "add bokeh" and "remove bokeh". Teach what DOF actually means and the consequences of shooting wide open, if one attempts to do so without the ability to create a tack sharp image. Also opening up your aperture (because aperture is the actual term you are looking for here) will create a different image depending on how many feet the shooter is from the subject. For the love of photography people at least learn the basics yourself prior to trying to mentor others. "As long as the photo comes out good, shoot whatever you want". I hope at some point when you choose to transition from armature to professional you choose to work with a mentor yourself. None of what I say is meant to hurt or break you down. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Keep it up and keep with the desire to teach. I am only urging you to learn more as it will propel your creative process into another dimension. 🙂 Happy shooting!

for what you used iso 200 always ?

island biker says:

with all due respect you can't control the settings better shooting Raw why is the format used for editing only has nothing to do with the settings just gives you more information to manipulate

Dbagterp says:

whoot at 1-8? learn to get sharp images.. omg americans -.-

Becca Fickel says:

The model made me so uncomfortable, not gonna lie

Daniel Huynh says:

Hi Jessica! So I've been trying to learn how to take quality portraits recently and I've watched a few videos and read some different articles on taking portraits. I just purchased a 5 in 1 reflector as well to use in my portraits. So far every source that I've come across has said to use the gold side of the reflector sparingly, or just to not use it at all unless the light outside is really warm like a sunset. Usually these articles and videos say to use the white side or silver side in outdoor photography (mostly white). Do you believe this to be true as well? Because I was kind of confused when I saw you using a gold reflector in an very sunny outdoor environment when I read completely different! It'd be great if you can get back to me!

really nice and well explained tutorial. thank you !

Just watched about a minute. WOW, it really bad.

The model is too beautiful to concentrate on the tutorial 😅

Sanjiv Maske says:


+Jessica Kobeissi thank you for all the helpful tips! Your videos have helped me improve my photography by a great margin. I appreciate that you take the time to make videos to help other photographers with the same struggles you have faced. So thank you again.

Mai says:

what cam is this??

Hi, in portrait photography do you use auto or manual focus ?

Angel Moreno says:

can I use these settings on a Nikon d3300

HUN TER says:

haha ur assistant is so shy in front of cam n ur model is so cute, n ur clicks r awesome✌

Ashraf Ali says:

Hey! i liked the video, good info.. for learners like me.. Awesome, do you have a tutorial of post processing of these images?

Just out of curiousity why would I need a 50mm 1.4 over 1.8?

Ši estas belo :3

I find it very funny that most bad comments come from people who actualy are not making money with their photography and try to tell How she can do it better lol. great vid keep it up and thanks.

Queen Stinne says:

These comments make me so angry! Jessica is a very talented photographer, and loves what she does. Oh are you perfect? Did you never make a mistake on a photo? Stop putting her down, and build her up! that's what we are supposed to do. Get a life!

lisa sanders says:

hey jessica, total beginner here wanna ask a question about lens. I have 18-55mm on my nikon. alot of people have recommended a 50mm for portrait. If the lense I have goes 18-55mm what is so special about the set 50mm lense? sorry if this sounds really stupid haha
really enjoying you tutorials.keep going your doing great!!!

Shooting in manual is fine, if the photographer understands Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. But I can get a correctly exposed shot quicker than anyone shooting in manual if I'm shooting in Aperture priority.

Mr100Guy says:

the person with the refector had me dying in the end xD

RubikFan100 says:

@5:12 You're showing the pictures, but the exposure settings have got to be incorrect. You went from f1.4 @1/500 to f3.5 @1/2000 and no lose of light? Inconceivable!

do you think its worth it to get a 50mm on a crop censor camera?

Jo Haigwood says:

I really think you need to practice before making a final video. People trying to learn may not want all the giggling

Munab Manay says:

she is the worst photographer, i have seen so far in my life. lol! calling the max aperature the lowest aperature lmao XD

Hi Jessica, I'm thinking of getting a 5d and I'm wondering if the memory card would be compatible with an HP Envy windows 8 laptop. I've read that the file size for this type of camera is HUGE and takes up more memory, etc. I currently have a Canon rebel t3i , thanks, Jen Also, where could I find the 50 mm lens you use? Oh, one more question….sorry! Would you recommend the external flash/speedlights for outdoor portraits? I see that you don't use them in your videos. What is your feeling about them? Thank you!

Molu K says:

jessica you got the best tutorial video!!

And yet another tutorial on how you should NOT use a reflector. 🙂

If your model is in the shadow … the reflector becomes a key light. Key light should come from above the model, so you need to put that reflector up. A massive amount of light does travel upwards from the ground.
If you teach … know your subject please.

Jason Bodden says:

This was 3 years ago. Give the girl a break. She's improved SO much since this. Watch all her current videos instead of crapping on old ones :/

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