Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers

Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers

Learn how to take gorgeous outdoor portraits with any camera, whether your working with a model or your family. We’ll show you how to use natural light, how to add light from a flash or speedlight, and how to use an inexpensive diffuser to make soft, flattering light in any conditions. Tony shows you all the camera settings you need and Chelsea teaches you everything about posing. Want to try the flash bender from the video? Visit SDP.io/flashbender




beatleguy64 says:

What is the cylinder attached to the camera strap? Also, which camera strap is that?

Could you tell me which lens was used to shoot that video. The focus change and blur was perfect.

Really good video I Love you work got some really good tips from you guys Michael from Australia

Kunthea Prum says:

Great tutorial as usual.

which camera do you use


That is remarkable work guys, very sharp and tight shots. excellent, keep it up and Thanks for the tips.

A lot of solid tips in a short video. I bought the book a while back and it's equally packed with good material.

Would help if you can also shoot in a Nikon D500 – want to know if its a good choice for portraits apart from wildlife and sports ..

Awesome video! Great info.

What's the song at 5:19?

Cheers Great Tut

You guys rock, every time i need tips y'all always have a video for what im looking for! Thank You!!

Hello Tony and Chelsea, What a great video tutorial. Thanks for that. I have a question from your video why in all the pictures you took in this video the metre is showing 2/3 over exposed. What is your reasoning for overexposing (per say) the pictures.

Another question is when using the flash, If the spot metering (without flash) gave you ISO 100 @ 100 mm F2.8 1/80 sec. And now when you turn on the flash how must of the adjustment you would be prepared to make in above settings (especially in the shutter speed).

Once again thank you both !! Great work and great calm guru's.


kelly damms says:

You are amazing Tony and Chelsea!

luca romiti says:

i have the same cap

You guys are a life saver. I can't stop watching your videos!!!

hey i want to by a room light which one is better in range of 3thousand.. plzz suggest me tony and plzz say speedflash is better or room light because i had simpex 522 mode speedflash

Donna Weise says:

Love you guys…do you offer workshops?

terrylee74 says:

I really like the way both of you explain and show how to do certain things. Great channel and videos! Thank you both.

Any creative tips or thing that needs to be considered for outdoor magazine photoshoot?

Tony is a lucky guy!!

incxalx3 says:

His wife is kinda really pretty o-o

quick, precise and helpful. two thumbs up to the first family of photography on YT. :)

That is very very very good explanation. Very easy to understand. Thank you so much for this tutorial

Thank you so much Tony and Chelsea! I learned a few things from the video. Will subscribe.

MrGetLikeMe says:

I notice u didnt change your settings between shots unless u edited that out. So what settings do u recommend in outdoor sunny portraits? (Nikon D5300 shooting with 35mm and 50mm prime f1.8)

paulbalegend says:

Great vid, great tips, thanks guys

Hi! I noticed the exposure settings were all about 2/3 of a stop over-exposed. Is there a reason for this? Is it because the scenarios you are in are difficult exposure scenarios based on the background, or was that for flash compensation? I thought you had to compensate in the other direction.

Fotoğraflar çok özensiz ve kötüye yakın.

love your videos! I've watched quite at bit. I missed the live show on Thursday didn't know about it till it was 10pm. I still watched it.. pretty cool.
oh and I'm definitely buying your books.

Pim de Greef says:

You guys are a cute couple. Kinda similair to me and my girlfriend, both photographers and in love.

Umer Waziri says:

As always, this was a really helpful video

Nice tips and your wife could be Miesha Tate's sister.

Greetings Tony & Chelsea, I just have one question.  I'm really trying to learning to learn all I can about photography from great photographers.  My problem is that I noticed that not all questions get answered.  Why is that? Of course, you get a lot of questions (some not photography related) how do you pick which ones to answer? Thanks

balboa0621 says:

This is easily one of your best videos. Comprehensive, easy to understand, and well paced. Frankly, you can often ramble and provide unnecessary or inaccurate information, notably in your gear reviews. Not here, though. This video was excellent.

how do you call the flash bouncer you use on this video ??

awesome video. AWESOME TIPS ! ! ! but Tony your cheating, cause you have the better wife, the better GIRLfriend, the better girlFRIEND, the better "EXPERT" assistant, the better and SUPER GORGEOUZZZZZ MODEL THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! LUCKY GUY… but Really THANX A LOT! FOR THESE AMAZING TIPS! your videos are always SUPERBBB HELPFULLLL!!! ooh and I almost forgot you have the better ROBOCHEALSEA too. HappyPHOTOday!!!

Another inspiring tutorial! Thank you!

Jeff Lee says:

Why are you shooting 2/3 over comp?

Mark Rivera says:

Didn't have enough info about metering for the flash

TaroTea says:

What is a good full frame but also a little on the cheap side?

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