Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

Outdoor Portraits Tutorial: How to use natural light and fill flash with digital photography

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Im assuming you are using ttl or do you use manual flash settings?

A ver si Chelsea pone unos tutoriales en español, seria una gran cosa!!!

pressdesign says:

I shoot portrait with 50mm 1.4 (on crop), but how to avoid too much lens flaring from the sun? Any tips?

Carl Bradley says:

hi guys. if I'm taking a outdoor photo, and the sun is to the back but off to one side. I'm using a flash with remote trigger in the front to the opposite side (no flash on camera). it is a "dumb" trigger so the camera doesn't send any information to it. my question is should I set the WB to flash or just leave it in auto?

Chelsea is sexy

james cook says:

Chelsea is a rock star… 💃

Vic Vinegar says:

Is there a flash you recommend for portraits in the daytime? I'm looking to spend about $100 give or take.

Android101 says:

wow chelsea does eyes..

Scott Dale says:

What flash do you recommend I add to my Nikon D3300?

Three One says:

"Don't just take it, make it." I have to agree with that. I work very hard with my camera and in Photoshop to get a great shot. Without that effort my shots are almost universally… meh.

Kevin Aime says:

chelsea is amazingly gorgeous and sexy i love her tony can u tell her for me please lol thanks and nice work as always guys

xtins says:

You didn't put the settings :(

i think if I had to shoot Chelsea, i'd end up staring at her face and forgetting to take the picture.


I've only seen a few of your videos so far, but this one is my favorite. What do you think about using an old offset handle so that the flash is about an inch or two higher than on the camera and set about eight inches to the camera's left. I've used that setup occasionally and been happier with the results that I get compared to what I get from putting the flash on the camera. I think those handles were originally made to reduce red-eye, but I like the slight offset of the shadows.


this video is ok, does anyone know what settings the camera actually had? spot metering?

Alee Aslam says:

Great video, could you please tell me which software is best for post processing a portrait shot ? or maybe you could upload a video about it that would be great :)

Alas Anonimo says:

Hi, there I'm wondering if you can tel me what kind of lens will you recommend, I have the canon 7d M II and I have the EF 100-400mm M II which I use for wildlife photography, is an excellent lens, but I want to start talking landscape and portrait photos and this is not the lens for this type of job special because in portrait photos I want to heave the beautiful bokeh effect, which will be the best Len in this case and I want to satay with canon, any suggestions is appreciate, ( I'm not a professional photographer I jus do it for a hobby and I learn a lot from professional like you ) I have a Flickr page you can find me like "Alas Anonimos " or Angel Jaimes if you got time and give me your opinion…. Thanks a lot for those videos with a lot of information that helps me a lot …..

I shot my first wedding last weekend. This tutorial made all the difference and the advice is much appreciated.

Deanne Mumm says:

can you tell me what your camera settings are in this video?

Very helpful Thanks!

but the back get washed out

梁贊 says:

what if i have a cheap lens, i still can photograph a picture like that ?

damn!!!! she's Hot!!!!!!

thank you so much guys ! I learned a lot from your tutorials.They are the best available on youtube !!

TheRasta25 says:

Sorry but you have to stop giving us great videos by making her as model , because all 5 min I was looking at her how beautiful she is

Hi, i'm trying to buy my first DSLR camera, i'm on budget and my main focus is to shoot videos, i hear that canon is better when it comes to videos. I'm trying to find a camera (~$500) with mic input and possibly with "image stabilization" feature. Any suggestions?

I'm not sure if you already answered this but what flash settings were you using?

Randy Seales says:

So do you have to buy the book to get the camera and flash settings for this demo?

for me its all about lense when it comes to portraits. You want a great portrait? Then you need a great prime lens, something between 100-200mm

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