Photography Tips – Action Photography

Photography Tips – Action Photography

Keep the action alive in your photographs, it’s not all about freezing the action. Essential Photography Tips Here!

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Another excellent photography tutorial. Thanks man. Keep them coming. Your videos are very useful. Thanks!

RMCPortraits says:

great video, again nice job

cockyjeremy says:

That's the point. You WANT blur with this sort of shot. It's kind of hard to shake if you're moving along side the action you want blurred. (I think i said that in a way that makes sense, lol)

I've seen some sports photos where the moving subject is in focus but the whole background is out of focus, can you explain how to create this effect?

Frank Ngo says:

it's called "panning". search for it

no a true panning shot is around the speed as he describes its all in the technique…

amezing nice work dear ……..

Paul Groves says:

Are you choosing the iso as you go? Or using auto?

rich999uk says:

Tried this at Brands Hatch BSB Oct, from the pit lane… all blurred…..! bikes at 150mph….definitely need a slower area to shoot at.

Paul Stewart says:

Excellent Video again Karl.

I am a totally rank amatuer novice photographer. I watched this tutorial, went out and used what I learnt and just one a photo competiton with one of the resulting photos. Only used a Canon S95 compact too. Thanks for your tips 🙂

what about focus? have you used automatic or manual focus in this pictures?

mLichy911 says:

Depends. If you want to shoot in the same spot (general spot), like they coming off a jump, manual might be fine. But if you are trying to capture something moving that fast, it's best to use AF, possibly with only the center AF Point selected, with AI Servo on. AI Servo will continually track the subject, since even with a faster shutter speed, the subject may have moved far enough to be out of focus.

You can use either Manual Focus (and pre-focus on the scene) or you can set you camera to "AF Servo" (IF you use Canon), what that does is it Autofocuses continually, even during shooting, meaning you will most of the time get perfect focus, and then you only need to worry about the actual shot, however it limits your composition to your AF points, and you will have to go through them to get the composition you want.

Shveti says:

Would a monopod help?

Shveti says:

Mode 2 on the 70-200mm is just for panning …

I have a 75-300 Lens is that a good lens to capture action photographs with?

estebanz3 says:

Yes it is, you'll just have to get a little bit away from the action and maybe increase the speed up to 1/80 – 1/100 if the action is fast enough like motocross.

sean parky says:

how do you know what iso to use? noticed you had 800 which i thought was for darker skys

Shad Watson says:

Tips were OK. Beginners may also like to note that for a panning shot, your body should be in the most balanced, stable position at the point of taking the photo. The presenter faced his body at the bikes approaching but was twisting away from his centre of gravity when actually firing. Set your body first, twist towards the on coming action and take the photo in your original position when the action passes. Thanks for the video mate. Cheers

Hi Karl, can ya tell me , how do ya go about shooting a moto x meeting , Is there normally a fee to enter or is it normal for the organisers to allow you to shoot,

That's completely dependent on how fast thing are moving.

alfun54321 says:

Please tell me. Why carry two bodies? Why not keep one in the bag and one on you?

how does he manage to focus on the bikers? surely if they are going fast its gunna be hard to focus on them/?

trombona2 says:

I'd say it's to enable faster switching between two different lenses (in this case, a wide angle and a telephoto) so that you can quickly move from one type of shot to the next and not miss the action. Also, not having to switch lenses will keep dust/dirt that could otherwise get into the body/lens out, although if you're careful when switching lenses, that won't really be a concern.

Nice tips. Just one question: wich AF mode is best when panning in this kind of shoot? Cheers!

Billy Snowy says:

You use al servo AF ?

jeffthepoet7 says:

My guess is al servo

DinamicMC says:

You can use high shuter speed to freez the dirt that the bike throws.

Billy Smith says:

Well done great detail on explaining your process of obtaining that shot, I have a good understanding of what you just did thank you!

I`m greatful Karl Taylor, You are explaining like living in it, thank you…

MarkNiceyard says:

Karl, I don't know who had more action at that day – the bikers or you. 😉
Thanks for the tips.

Mind blowing…. you had your mind synchronised with the bikers…K.T.

thetruth says:

U need to show results

Muhd Nabyl says:

liked and subscribe. gonna have cross country duty tommorrow. ur tips will come in handy. thanks m8

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