Photography tutorial 3 ( Lighting lesson 1-the sun )

Photography tutorial 3 ( Lighting lesson 1-the sun )

The third installment of this photography tutorial series. In this episode we learn some pointers about using the sun to light your portraits. We also discuss equipment and how to use it. I hope you learn something from this brief lesson. Enjoy

This Video only plays audio from the left channel so if your left speaker does not work you will hear nothing =o(

Update 5-1-2013

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i so love your videos and perspective..thank you for your vids

I`ve been watching a lot of your videos, congratulations man they are really helpful and well done. Is that woman your wife? She is gorgeous!


you are amazinggggggggggggg

Cheaper is better :)) Good Job bro! :)) I'm using your vids as a reviewer for my Photography Midterms tomorrow :)) Thanks bruh!

Tnx soo much buddy

Hayley Mason says:

Hi! Another brill video. Can you just explain why you would set a wide aperture for shooting in the sun? Or did you mean in the shade? I understand if you mean in the shade but I'm confused if you mean not in the shade..?

Thanks again! 

ChoKawaiiMUA says:

Love your personality! Great energy. Keep up the good work.

Vonny says:

I love your videos

seomoz says:

id love to smoke with you

Juan S says:

Dude, you're the best teacher I ever had on the web. I learned so much with you. When you give it a little humor to your videos it just makes it much more excited to learn. Saludos!

jaybhoy16 says:

Thanks dude I've learned a lot from your videos. Its a quick and easy way to get ideas/guides/advises on how to get a great image no matter what camera you are/will be using. Good Job!

MultiMm2009 says:

wow, beautiful shots!!

High Flyer says:

What happened to your hair? 🙂 Great stuff thanks!

Randy Lantz says:

Very useful info. Thks.

taelth says:

I love your series of tutorials! What do you think of the Light: Science and Magic book? Is that something I shouldn't really worry about as a novice photographer, or are the basic concepts of light applicable to novice and old hat alike?

MetallicaLuv says:

the camera guy needs a tripod:)

So does the guy on the screen =o) 

Melissa Hall says:

wonderful! thanks!!!

Babu Ahmed says:

Just googled and found your link. Man your tutorials are amazing. Ive already learnt so much that I couldn't pick out by reading and taking classes. Awesome work man. I'm gonna order your CD when I have some cash. lol

Like your tutorials u make it easy to understand, most photographers that "teach" me use terms wayy over my head. Oh and Great Cleavage on her! Lol

Nice vid mate really like it:))

anatomy1984 says:

cool. never enjoyed such a study session before. well done bro.. keep it up. always deya to back u up…. thanx a lot indeed.

Mohd Yasin says:

Hey man, awesome guide for beginner, i'm in mid of getting a DSLR camera to start my new hobby but i have mix feeling of what camera to go for..what you think about Nikon D3200 ?, Cheers.

justpele says:

Hi man, I have a question about using long exposures when filming lightning, why doesn't the lightning leave a blur because it's fast motion. In the images I've seen it looks really sharp.


Lightning comes and goes too fast to leave a blur. It simply appears sharp due to the fact that it is gone in no time. Hope this helps. Check out my Photographing lightning tutorial to learn more.

justpele says:

Thanks, I did but that wasn't mentioned. I understand better now though.

thank you thank you thank you! im so excited to start using my camera the right way now lol

You will not be able to get the same Depth of Field results with the 18-200. You should use it at its full zoom and the f 5.6 to see what effect you can get. It will not be quite like the 50mm 1.8 I talk about, but it will the best you can get with that lens. Check out my Depth of Field video on my channel to learn more about DoF. I hope this helps, Peace.

Jenny Filip says:

Love your Enthusiasm.  I like your personality. Telling it Real.  Coming at us like were starvin.. cause we are!.. Eager to Learn. thanks man.

Jenny Filip says:

A note of special request:  If you tell us students what the data information is on the photos you're taking in your photos. It takes two seconds to add that. or you can just throw it in. It helps us Students.Thanks a bunch… Love the advice about "You don't need to break the bank to get good shots". Its about the tools you have and the knowledge.  I shoot Canon all day, everyday.

rustyerg says:

Just wanted to say thanks for your tutorials. I'm getting much better photos now with just the few things I have learned from you. I have an artist eye so i have been told. I love to draw and paint, but until now i hated taking photos cause i never knew how to set my cameras up. Yes i use to be the guy shooting everything in AUTO mode, not any more so thanks for every thing and look forward to more of your tutorials. Thanks again for making everything easy to understand.

I'm just now seriously getting in to photography. I had a fairly good (but cheap) film camera 20 years ago that took some good photos, then I bought a digital 10 years ago (that was stolen) that I didn't like that much anyway. The camera I have now, which takes some awesome photos, but some shitty ones too is a Fujifilm Finepix S1800. I just can't take good pictures inside a public (indoor) pool area. The shots always come out dark and/or pixelly. (This will show you how green I truly am): Can this camera change lenses? I've checked the net, but I'm shooting blanks. Also, How can I manually manipulate the ISO, shutter speed, etcetera on this camera? (The manual is in French, thus I can't read it). But I'm thinking on switching cameras anyway, within 6 months to a year and upgrading to a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. What's your opinion of this camera? It's reasonably inexpensive at $600 CAD.

Aloha, Have to say I love your tutorials. They are really a big help, and I like how you are down to earth and have fun while filming…..I'm an amateur and I have a cheap Nikon L320 any good advice for this camera.  Mahalo and have a blessed day….

Hello:  I just started to watch your tutorials and I love it. If is possible, can you add a link of the equipment that you recommend for beginners?  I know you said everyone have their preference but just like a guide line for us beginners to start looking for equipment’s deals and prices.  Thank you so much and keep up the tutorials please. 

Ken Liu says:

Thanks man, I love your video

keep it up man, thank you

very friendly and helpfull….. thanks bosss!!!! u  r  aweessmmm…….

Rookie mistake like 8 years ago…I used to make my clients stare into the sun. I was clueless. 

Thanks bro just getting started in photography and really enjoying ur tips 

glad that all these years later your tutorials show up. very organic. love the examples and will be looking more into you. looking into photography as a Bobbie for now but KNOW the possibility. thanks man.

kawika dav says:

The baby must be like 7 years old by now.

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