Photography Tutorial 6 ( Light Meter and Histogram)

Photography Tutorial 6 ( Light Meter and Histogram)

An abbreviated version the Light Meter and Histogram chapter from the Mastery of Photographic Essentials DVD by me. Check it out and learn to kick some serious booty at photography. Enjoy

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Tom Zaytsev says:

awesome, histogram explanation was the best I have seen, it just clicked for me, thank's

Tom Lambert says:

You're like a miniature buuddha, all covered in hair. 

why didn't i find you a year ago when i got my first dslr?! either way, great series! learning so much even after having a camera for a while! very much appreciated!

Shekar Kumar says:

Hello there, do you know "Photo SFXart Tricks" (google it)? On their website you will find a nice free video explaining how to shoot amazing photos. This helped Daniel to make photos which leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect while you take a look at them. Hopefully it helps you as well.

Zeko Roses says:

Hey there brah!
Um i was wondering if. What if wanna edit pictures on things like intagram and such.
like how can i edit an amazing picture i took without ruin it?

Rohit Bhat says:

This is really great stuff. Your videos are very informational. Especially for beginners like me. Excellent work! Thanks a tonne for taking the time to make them!

Love it. U r funny. " U got ur brains, use em" 

Eric says:

I like the video, great info and I subcribed… That said shoot RAW.

helloprak says:

I had a question. If you are doing a spot metering then why do you need to over expose the bride photo ? I am learning from your vedios and had this doubt. Your ved's are amazing!!!

This is because the camera sees white as "light". It will tell you that your picture is properly exposed when it is a little under exposed. You then need to compensate for your camera's mistake. I hope this helps =o)

helloprak says:

Thanx for the amazing tutorial. I think I dint get something correct then. From your tutorial I understood spot metering as picking a 3.5% in center and calibrate the white component there. Is this correct ? So can't you select the darkest part and check for the clibration ? I am a little confused. But hey your tutorials are amazing.. You really rock!!!

MaZEEZaM says:

Great tutorial as usual, the histogram is such a handy aid in learning to be a good photographer. just thinking people had to learn all this without these sorts of aids before digital. Glad im in a digital world :D

I learned in the film world, but all this digital stuff is based around the analog ways. It is an easy transition to a well schooled film shooter. =o)

If you are using an external flash would you say that your light meter is not as accurate or dependable? I just learned how to use the light meter yesterday and I just bought my first external flash. Without my flash it made total sense, but it seems like when wanted to use my flash it all went out the window. Please let me know if you know what I am referring to. I might just be doing something wrong. Thanks!!!!! I subscribed by the way. 

cmaykn says:

Is spot metering also for when you shoot in manual mode? Or it I only applies to when you shoot in AV mode?

Spot metering can be used in any mode that you have your camera set to. When in AV mode the camera will make all metering decisions based on what area it is metering. So if you are spot metering the camera will adjust accordingly. I hope this helps. Peace

Do you mean an external light meter or the light meter in your camera? If you are referring to your camera's meter you want to make sure that your camera can communicate with your flash, therefore the camera will tell the flash what amount of light to give. If the camera and flash do not communicate then you will have to manually figure out what distances need what light settings. This is normally written on a chart on the back of most less expensive flash units. I Hope this helps. Peace

Great video man, really enjoy your videos really helps i am learning so much! its always great to have a friendly person sharing there knowledge and in a friendly fun way.

Peace bro.

RedlegSA says:

Now I know what the histogram is for, and why it matters. You provided an excellent illustration of this topic. This is a great video, thank you very much for making this series.

Nicolas Xu says:

where can I find the meter on my camera? 

HA! You just saved me a lot of time. DUH! I feel so foolish. Like you said in #1 Read your manual.. Thanks. I really appreciate your tutorials! I depend on you now. No pressure!
I do a lot of family photos for people and people think I do a great job but the truth is, is that I have no idea what I am doing. LOVE your Black and White comment..haha. I know exactly what you meant. Funny!

Ross Ruperto says:

Very informative and well explained.  Thank you so much for this tutorial..

Jenny Filip says:

You are so awesome dude. Thanks!!

samuraj06 says:

Use ure brains baby. Haha best advice. 

For me, best explanation so far of a histrogram…which I have feared!!!

Drew Mora says:

Big fan. Love the vids, learn a lot. Keep it up!

I have a question not related to this topic. film or digital camera which would recommend??

iZaZa 2323 says:

I watched so many videos so many hours and You thought me everything in your videos. Excellent teaching skills. I would like to see more videos. Stops in photography, sports photography (soccer) and more.

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