Photography Tutorial – Aperture and F Stops Explained

Photography Tutorial –  Aperture and F Stops Explained

I am from the school that the best way to learn is by seeing and doing. In Part 1 of this tutorial I will show you as I am shooting exactly how changing the F Stop will effect your final image. I am more interested in showing you the effect of changing the F stop more so than worrying about the overall exposure.

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Kcy101 says:

Getting a D3200 Soon, your video made me more then ready to use it. Keep it up man your videos are great :D

Joe Diesel says:

Good video, well done. Straight to the point and well explained.

Im new to the DSLR world and found this very helpful.

Looking forward to watching the rest of your videos

I've got my 35mm on my d3300 and when I hold the shutter release half way it doesn't beep when in focus but makes a bunch of little clicking sounds then stops after like 5 times.. but still doesn't beep. probably the lens I'm using or?

mnash3 says:

Cool vid…

simplymeg says:

Am I the only one who is saving for a dslr and just watched a bunch of video so that when I get my camera I know how to use it? Because me too. :)

Best photography teaching site on the internet. You teach it practical, show images and go slow. I have learned a great deal form you and wanted to say: THANK YOU.

Ben Whoever says:

even at the max f stop, the background is still blur. So how can i take pictures like phones?

Cait says:

Lower fstop = hazy background. higher fstop = more recognizable background.

Cait says:

The larger the F stop the more depth of field.

Dude your hair is awesome

victorjngv says:

I am trying to shoot, but I dont understand why sometimes, I dont know what it depends on, but the F number locks.. my camera has from 2.8 to 8. but sometimes, the minimum I can choose increases, to 4, or 5 or whatever, but the minimum dissapears.

would you know why? thanks a lot

Risje Wasje says:

do you have to put it on manual or automatic

OMG. This is 5 years ago, Jared. Awesome. Just stumbled over this. Look what you have become. Wow. You helped so many ppl with this kind of "sharing the love of what you do" stuff. I guess you will never see this but for the history books: Thank you!!! :)

spiralout72 says:

Dude, I ain't gonna lie. I clicked on this cuz of the kick ASS fro bro!! Turns out, you teach great, I can understand. Just subscribed!!🤘🏻

haha says:


嘉傑郭 says:

Thank you!

Thanks big homie.

Jon Flaherty says:

best tutorial on aperture I've watch so far, made easy well explained for the complete novice.

husleman says:

Damn son, I was surprised at how easily you explained this. Other videos…..not so great.

cgtalk ! says:

Minecraft head?

Marcus says:

Definitely the easiest to understand explanation I've seen :P

Your are best photography tutorial !

Karl Hans says:

Hey Jared, do a critique of Mr and Mrs Wheatley's wedding pictures taken by photographer Miss Johnston. The pictures are said to be disastrous.

ViXenBeats says:

Dear gawd! I just fell in love with you. Straight forward and to the point… the EASIEST explanation of all time. Thank you SO MUCH FRO!!!

Mithi Anne says:

That was an amazingly straight forward and entertaining explanation of f stops.

April E says:

brilliant love it !!! inspiring

Alas Anonimo says:

Hi there, sorry to bother you but I have on question about a lens that I need, but first I want to thank you for answers one of my questions before I really appreciate, well I have the canon 7d Mark II along with the canon EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6L II USM, and now I just add the the canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM but maybe because I'm amateur and no a professional photographer I don't get the bokeh effect that I want at 2.8 is amazing lens and I will keep it, but I will like to know if can recommend a canon Lens that I can use in my 7d Mark II with a better bokeh effect, I will appreciate any suggestions and I will like to stay with canon lens, the I'm about to buy the EF 100mm f2.8 Macro IS USM but don't know if will do a better job with the bokeh effect for portrait photos, thanks for your time and any help I will appreciate….

Does it work the same shooting macro?

pyronmasters says:

for me? you just made rocket science look like the basics of ABC's. Great Videos.

fucking weird guy omfg.

love the video

eric sapurna says:

This is by far the best aperture explanation and demo ever….

paul joseph says:

you are the bob ross of photography thanks you are awesome

I cany go outside.still raining😟.but thanks,,😀

Abel Mendoza says:

where do the whole professional cameras vs beginner cameras start? there are so many different cameras its hard to see the line between them

Mo kumar says:

"bob ross of photography" yes!

Ness Liz says:

I loved this video! It helped me out so SO much! I'm taking online photography classes, so obviously my teacher can't be here to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Now I finally get it. My photos and I thank you for taking your time to make your videos!

thanks so much for your videos learned a lot!

Jelani Hunt says:

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Thank you so much!

Aron Peters says:

Jared I was wondering, do you use any priority modes or do you set everything individually?

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