Photography Tutorial – Basics of Composition

Photography Tutorial – Basics of Composition

To me composition should be one of the main focuses when you are just starting out with photography. Looking back when I first started out you could usually see that the images were composed well even if the exposures were not even close. Early on my exposure were terrible, I didn’t know any better but to me its more important early on to see the image and compose it.

For a top 5 tips on composition please click the link above.




Corey Drake says:

yayy i have a t3i

Your composition lacks a gradual ND filter 😛

Neptune .png says:

where the camera is (filming) with the kermit on the left side, maybe if kermit was a bit closer to the camera.. it would look good if it that was photographed (ofc the bag should be moved out of the way, but yeah)

Jesper says:

Jared high as fuck, screaming focus to a frog and shit

Michael K says:

Great video for beginners. Thank you for subtitles.

You are talking way to much about nothing. Get to the point and next time go over the Rule if Thirds first.

Ammar Abbas says:

mahn u r great !!! fan 

Love what you do.. and what you are trying to do… but you spent 3 minutes saying the same exact thing… Get to it a little quicker. Keep it up!

Rojo Fig says:

thank bro cool advice

Fading0815 says:

when did Bob Ross start with photography?

Great tutorial! Thanks!

You're shot out bro. Lol, a true artist. Good tutorial, I learned a lot. 

Lakota Skye says:

You are an awesome teacher! Great way to explain for beginners 

great tutorial if you have photography 1st bell in the morning at highschool

NITRO says:

what a lush green landscape, where is that ?

Definitely,  fro knows photo !

Mijan Kamali says:

Gave you a like and a subscribe, just because of the way you said "OOH i thought that was a bug, I don't like bugs." Haha! Classic

Logan Mead says:

Lmao he is so funky i love it! SUBSCRIBED 

discuss21 says:

Much too basic, even for beginners. There are far superior videos on utube. Terrible photos – this guy talks far too much & clearly cannot deliver the goods.

I love the way you didn't want the tree to grow out of Kermit's head while completely ignoring the white garage disturbing background :-)

MendaSpain says:

Fuck man, it took you 3 minutes to get to the point

Alex says:

I plan on getting a 7D Mark II & I can't wait to see this guy's tutorial on all the different elements of photography.

hey im watching from Bangladesh,,,,,,,it was really awesome

Emily Romero says:

I think a good thing to mention as far as composition goes is having asymmetry in your photo and also being aware of what objects carry the most visual weight

I just recently purchased a Nikon d3300 And ive been watching all of your videos for help. I can say that they are very helpful! I just have one main question, what mode should I be in when Im comfortable enough to mess with the settings? Is there a mode where I can adjust Aperture, ISO and shutter speed? Or is each mode for a designated event or type of photo? Should I always be in portrait mode when taking a portrait mode or should I be in another mode where I can do all the adjustments myself? Another question is … should my lens be on manual focus or auto focus?

Thanks! I'm nw and nervous, I'll see how I go

I just need to put this out there. 204 dislikes who the hell would dislike a fro video

mclovinn93 says:

I am fairly new in photography, and I have limited experience shooting but from what I do know in sunny situations you'd want your ISO the lowest (100) so the image doesn't lose any quality, correct? So, my question is: why is your ISO at 400? is there a specific reason that I may not know?

Thank you in advance.

Jason Orton says:

OK…so new to all this. how do you deal with a living creature? walking thru the woods a few weeks ago I came across a pretty good sized snake on a raised side of the trail. I quickly grabbed my camera and took some photos. you don't always have the time or the ability to try a lot of photo angles to get the right photo composition. with a person or a pet you might be able to get them to stand still long enough. wildlife on the other hand, you can't just say "Stay" or "Sit" or "hang on while I try a few other shots". you have to take it at a moment's shot. do you just say…this will not make a good photo and skip it or do you take a photo for that moment?

ladies remember he does not like bugs :)

Woo! T3i!! That's what I have!!! With a Canon 17-55mm f/2.8

Nice helpful video.
Your mom is pretty artistic.

Moran Guy says:

Thanks for sharing it with us.

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