Photography Tutorial for Beginners: What is Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO (DSLR Lesson) – CamCrunch

Photography Tutorial for Beginners: What is Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO (DSLR Lesson) – CamCrunch

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This is a photography tutorial for beginners. With this video, you will learn about the three things that affect the exposure of an image. After watching, you’ll know exactly what the aperture, shutter speed and ISO do to affect the exposure of your image.

Video Summary

There three things that affect the exposure of an image: The APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEED and ISO. You need to find the perfect balance between these three elements to get the right look that you want, as well as the right exposure.

The aperture affects the amount of light that comes into the sensor and the depth of field. The depth of field will determine how much of the image is in focus.

The shutter speed will determine the length of the exposure. The longer the shutter speed, the more light comes in, and the shorter the shutter speed, the less light comes into the image. It also determines the amount of blur that appears in the photo. A longer exposure is more susceptible to blur and camera shake.

The ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor to light. Lower ISOs mean that the sensor is less sensitive and therefore going to need more light to expose an image. Higher ISO requires less light to expose and image, but adds noise the the image. Noise will saturate color, making them look unrealistic.

Getting the right exposure is all about balancing these three elements. It will take time, but if you learn the basics, it gets easier!

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Hey Nico, I've had a Nikon D3200 for a few years now and when I first got it I couldn't be bothered to read the instructions and just started using it. I took it on holidays and used it in the garden etc but never changed the exposure I realised my photos weren't turning out how I wanted them to so tried to read the instructions but they were so boring! Then school, work and revision took over and I've barely used it since but this summer, after my GCSEs, I'd love to get into photography.
This video was great! I've learnt so much in 8 minutes so thank you! I'll have to watch more and practise. I've had a look at your Flickr and you're photos are great ! Thanks for the help ­čśŐ´╗┐

Mickey25430 says:

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I just want to take descent pictures of my baby daughter. Thx for the tips.´╗┐

For a beginner this video taught me a lot of stuff…now i just have to learn how to control the apature,ISO and the shutter speed!thanx a lot´╗┐

omar khanday says:

Great video.. thanks for the info´╗┐

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I learned a lot lol. Thank you very much! You gained a sub (:´╗┐

Hey, thanks for the insight. It was really helpful. Till date I have been capturing on with cell phone and now planning to buy a camera. Could you suggest a camera or features I should check?´╗┐

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i want to learn the photography.!!!!!´╗┐

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very nice! now i know what they were­čśü´╗┐

Hey man, really great clear and concise explanation of the key components of taking a picture! I just bought my first dSLR and I'm just starting to learn how to take pictures and your video was really helpful. Thanks so much!´╗┐

Holly Lawver says:

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Thanks bro! Really helpful tutorial´╗┐

Sensible and easy to understand. Thanks for your videos. Hope you keep doing them. Cheryl´╗┐

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Kenny Tai says:

Hey CamCrunch, if you are forced to up the ISO in a low light setting, the image quality will always end up grainy? Will post processing fix it so that it looks sharp?´╗┐

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