Photography Tutorial: Get Sharp Focus From Front to Back

Photography Tutorial: Get Sharp Focus From Front to Back

Frustrated by poor sharpness and focus in your photos? Learn how to use live view to get perfect focus and depth of field in every shot.

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Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work can be seen in the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750.

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frontsideboy says:

using a mirrorless 2x crop sensor. i wonder if this method applies exactly the same. your videos are great btw ive been watching all night. landscapes arent my thing but occasionally i see a shot and im like 'errr wtf do i do now?'! your videos hit a nice sweet spot between the total noob i feel like ive left behind and the experienced confident photographer i want to be. subbed.

Kirk Bushell says:

A really nice effect, is to use a wide aperture, and create separate exposures so that you have the foreground in focus, and the background, but the middle ground is slightly out of focus. This creates a really gorgeous photo, depending on your subjects.

I like your landscape photos, I'm in to landscape by the way :)

can you try out the Nikon coolpix L840?

this is what i like at this guy:
1. he's aint bla bla to much.
2. In 5 min he explains much more then some guys bla bla blaaa in 20min video's terrorizing us with their stupid stories.
3. Very understandable videos
4. He is FUNNY!!!

Subscribe to you SIR!

Jim Photoman says:

In film days they had depth of field gauges on the lenses. You could know the depth of field at the various f/stops of the lens by looking down at the lens. It would sync with the focus ring on the camera and show that everything between "x" and "y" would be in focus at this focal length. Change the focal length and you changed the depth of field. It was a much easier system to use back in the day.

Andrea Macri says:

It's the best tutorial i found! Nice job and thanks

I cant find the focus stacking video :/

but hey thanks for the tips!

ah…Candy from a baby.

The ISO in this video is too damn high!

Srivastav J says:

U need a better microphone :)

thank you for making this understandable for ANYONE…and leaving out all of the super complicated Hyperlocal jargon…

techzone says:

cheers :)



Pete K says:

View the screen on a sunny day is a challenge. They sell "shade" it helps.
PLEASE USE A wireless mic with a win screen. Your knowledge is good but the audio is poor.

3Vimages says:

Cant hear properly because of background noise and video seems all washed out … could I say badly filmed?

Thing is… It chews battery like crazy.

arsh zagade says:

bro,i hve seen many videos on youtube but majority of them are complicated and not explanatory but you my brother are the best ,your videos are great ,explanatory,short and crisp…really love all your videos …thanks bro,,,,keep up the good work.

Debbie Ford says:

thx that was really helpful, especially since i own a Nikon. never realised this about liveview. and as others have previously said you don't go on about off topic things.

Are you going to make the focus stacking video?

Great tutorial by the way.

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