Portrait lighting patterns like Rembrandt, Butterfly and Loop for better photography

Portrait lighting patterns like Rembrandt, Butterfly and Loop for better photography

http://www.goodlightmag.com/21 – Good Light! Issue 21, the one with plenty of tips for perfect portraiture. In this video we are diving into different lighting styles and lighting patterns. Like so often this is discussed in the context of head shots. But in this video we go a step further and analyse the effect of the patterns on the body of your model as well.

The two different styles we explore are

1. Broad Lighting – You shoot into the broadly lit side of your model
2. Short Lighting – You shoot towards the shadow side

Both styles can be applied to most of the standard portrait lighting patterns:

1. Rembrandt Lighting
2. Loop Lighting
3. Butterfly Lighting
4. Split Lighitng
5. Straight-on Lighting

When you master these portrait lighting patterns you can tell apart good lighting from bad lighitng. It will be much easier to control your light and the effect your lighting angles have on your model.

Finally, we also look at a lighting pattern that is not looking charming: Underlighting. It gives your photos the feel of a horror movie.

Check out the video and if you like it then get the whole story in Good Light! Mag Issue 21. It includes even instructions on how to DYI the flower band our model is wearing using 3 artificial flowers from Ikea.

I wish you good light!
Michael from http://goodlightmag.com




thanks for the tips… one question: did you make the background completely black in post production? because I think the light did hit the background as well

Great review. Would like the diagram for all the light positions. Didn't understand 'short' lighting.

Ian Spencer says:

Hi Micheal.
Another brilliant video, you are a very good teacher & are so easy to understand.
Ian (UK)

jfinite says:

Excellent, thanks Michael!

sjs says:

Nobody likes drifting boobs. @6:40

Toby Hines says:

One of Your best videos, Fantastic. The photo's are beautiful.

Nicely done! Using the lights without boxes or umbrellas really helps demonstrate the lighting. Beautiful model as always.

miamiredbird says:

Noone….NOONE beats my man….Good light……………

Tony tFuntek says:

Another excellent tutorial thank you

pscully1969 says:

Glad to see you back in action Cousin Michael 🙂 Great explanation; easy to understand.

brianminkc says:

that woman is stunning.

Good video and good shooting as always but I don't like all the skin retouching at all!

Very nice video, nice explanations on the effects for both face and body. A very entertaining tutorial. Your model is very beautiful.

jahosaphat says:

Thank you for the great video.

I have seen several of your tutorial. I really apreciate your effort. I think you and your wife are a wonderful couple. Keep all this love for photography and all the best for you.

Great tips. Great video. Beautiful model!

captmoriarty says:

nice vid but please drop the music its very distracting

Tiago Maus says:

very educative…best channel to learn about lighting

Michael you are the god of light

Chris Tucker says:

awesome, love your channel.

Andrea Crema says:

Superb, thank you

Wonderful as always – Thanks so much for your time and effort. They are greatly appreciated.

I agree that this is one of your best!… TY

Hello fellow photographer! I've watched almost all of your videos! I want to thank you for your time and effort, for putting up all these great videos! Keep up the good work! I wish you ALWAYS… good light 🙂 Dimitris from Greece

Danke, dies ist wohl das beste Video, welches ich über dieses Thema gesehen habe. Es hilft mir sehr das Studiolighting zu verstehen. Super und vielen Dank.

Thanks for the tips. Excellent video.

RS says:

Your lighting vids are always so crystal clear
Chapeau on that

Splendid tutorial! You did very well my friend!

You are the best! Thank you.

Rogier Bos says:

Good video, good tips — but a classic mistake: you fail to mention the presence of a nearby white ceiling and white wall, acting both as reflectors.

Your videos are really good, but this lens, though, urgh.

Gabriel Pop says:

One of the best lighting tutorials posted on you tube … congrats !

Great video as usual. Did you just use the one light to produce each light pattern? Thx

mig189189189 says:

Cool report!

Good video for learning lighting patterns. sorry Micheal for late comment.

Beautiful model and photos, Micheal

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