Quick Tip Photography Tutorial – Spray and Pray

Quick Tip Photography Tutorial – Spray and Pray


What if every photo you took cost you $1, would you spray and pray? Let me define that, its when you shoot without thinking and just pray that you get something good.

You will become a much better photographer when you get into the mind set that you will feel the moment and capture it.

This is a mentality for all photographers especially beginners with Nikon D3100, D5100, D7000, and Canon shooters with T1i, T2i, T3i and 60d.




Happily my cam only shoots 1,5 fps :D

It reminds the days where photo was too expensive for me. In France, taking 24 pictures was 15$ for a film and 15$ for the pictures being developped.
Frame Shooting is good on some subjetcs and lenses, but I never did take a good landscape using FPS. I like to prepare a shoot 5 seconds and take a good picture, than stupidly shoot everywher =)
Have a nice year, and thank you very much for the teachings, I'll watch all your videos, to become a pro photographer, printing pictures seems to be harder

Dean Park says:

are u no longer doing this series?

i think quick tips are among my favorite videos on youtube for photography

Jared Polin says:

@LAicedemon I will be. 

goodtimes616 says:

spray and pray is weak as hell. It is not photography it just what those who don't know what they are doing do. It reminds me of those action movies when the dumb ass empties his clips of ammo in the bush because he heard a sound…dumbass…just dumbass!

goodtimes616 says:

Shoot film once in awhile and learn..i ain't preaching for any camp here now, it's just what worked for so many…and well many of the really good photographers too…easy is bad for photography.


Someone is agreeing with me. I keep telling Photographers and they tell me "I have enough cards, don't be cheap chang; spend some money and get a bigger card".

123Broodwar says:

17 secs in and loving the leg – ill pick u up anyday Jared if u standing on the side of the road with those legs showing 😀 haha

BitesCGI says:

imagine you are shooting film, only 36 shots

gotta love the old film age when you only have 36 shots and you are actually costing money to hit the shutter.

MulaVista619 says:

Hey, i need help with my D3100. I have a fisheye on my camera to record. On my videos the fisheye seems to move/shake. On my latest video it's super obvious there. Please help, i want to get rid of it!

in the old days we paid for development or prints so…. yeah bro, right on

Mre942 says:

Fro, I just wonder about how many pictures do you take on a fotoshoot? 500, 5000 or more?

matafuko says:

I've been shooting a lot of film lately (still learning it) and it has really helped me reduce the amount of shots I take on my DSLR.

forerunner45 says:

Very good concept! Thanks for the video!

I usually spray n pray, when taking portraits! I just love to catch those micro-expressions, that usually are 1/50 of a second. And even if we could anticipate that, It would hard as hell to get them!

Saara says:

Nice talking!

i imagine film photographers thought the same thing, literally costing money to press the shutter button

I take photis with instant cameras where it costs at least $1 per shot. Made me more selective with my DSLR.

Elizabeth P says:

Nice legs, fro.

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