Self Portraits Make You A Better Photographer – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

Self Portraits Make You A Better Photographer – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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Self portraits are near and dear to my heart because that is how I got my start in photography. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a reason to take images of yourself beyond narcissism. In this episode I go over all the amazing things self portraits can teach you! .


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John Dep says:

this is so inspiring! nice

신세경 says:

This was such a fun and informative video. The 365 project you did was also awesome – great stuff!!! :)

Ivy Noche says:

I'm excited to start my fashion blog just for fun — thanks for the tips

Glad you clarified that i need to shoot myself With a CAMERA… things could've been a bit messy otherwise, and I wouldn't be around to learn from you anymore :'( 

Miriam Nama says:

that shirt is so ugly! i am happy your style got way better 

WOW. Great video! Anxious to begin to shoot myself.

Yes, I have a dog that is good taking photos. In fact he is so good with pushing stuff, I'm thinking about teaching him the piano. :P

ybbed019 says:

Discovered you videos this week and I loveeee them!! Thanks for another great tutorial

dont ever apologize for expressing yourself :)

Loving watching your tutes!

CHOWiX says:

amazing work

Love this line @ 3:14 " Go out and shoot yourself before…Umm…Not with…a camera, take pictures…" roflmbo. Aaron, you do such great tutorials that only you could get away with a flub like that. I think I will try the 365 selfie idea great idea.

TJ Duprey says:

Too much fun to watch you. I have so many of your videos to watch to catch up! love the self portraits. is there a best place to go to see them all?

TJ Duprey says:

Too much fun to watch you. I have so many of your videos to watch to catch up! love the self portraits. is there a best place to go to see them all?

EMPER says:

I find it difficult changing the light levels to make it look realistic.

hmm – But pictures have to be like kinda sharp and in perfect focus for it being viable to work with in photoshop no ??

Margo Liu says:

I love your photo

Carmen Zhou says:

This guy is adorable. Learning from you is fun!

matt prio says:

awesome content. what makes your videos stand out is the lack of jump cuts every other word. i appreciate a continuous video – extremely professional and easy to watch. i wish this was the standard.

chris warb says:

Thank you, nice intimate tutorial, felt like you were talking directly to me, learned a lot.

priscilla says:

"even if you have a model shoot, go our and SHOOT YOURSELF BEFORE" I cried

VTViEt says:

You're hilarious I'm dying hahahahaha

Hi Aaron, i have a question. From where you get the ideas ? i mean all those stuff like shooting with the zebra, when you are sitting next to the gorrilla and so… please tell me , because i dont have any ideas 🙂 … Thanks 🙂 :)

Newbie 6-7 months. This was my favorite Phlearn. It's has been getting weird stealing family pictures off the social media sites… put them into Photoshop… and send back to the person that I stole it from. Real weird. That stuff can't or shouldn't be legal. Soo thanks for this one.

the birth of the selfie stick

xPuffin says:

7:10 onwards. The coffee hit is real :D. Jokes aside, great video Aaron.

Terrell Page says:

OMG phlearn was so ahead of the times!!!!! It's a selfie stick 2+ years before they became cool!!!!! "It looks like totally ridic."-Aaron Nace. I agree with you Aaron, it's ridic….

He is so corny, I love it lol.

Tasha Walker says:

OMG I have pocket wizzards for my lights I had no Idea they worked for the camera that's awesome!!!! Thanks I'm excited to try it out

Hey Aaron, when you use photos on your 365 project did you pay for them or does thanking the source work for these projects?

hitomi2232 says:

those are some creative shots!

hbrookes says:

Great Stuff!!!

lov3jazz says:

these "selfies" are pure gold, it would'n even bother me If I visited your home and on your walls would be hanging all these portraits :)

TheFlowMind says:

Wow you self portrait are amazing!!!

please please please can you do a tutorial on how to make someone look furry!!! So cool. And also a panda selfie tutorial! love you guys at Phlearn!

I can see these all day. he definitly make photoshop and photograrphy, Phun! lol

You can use your phone as an IR remote. Just google your phone to see if it has an inbuilt IR blaster, then download DSLR remote from play store for android. Not sure about apple sorry.

Man, 2016, you cheered my day up! you're great!

Ngoné Dior says:

Hey!! Thank you so much for this tutorial it's amazing!! Why don't you do more photography tutorials? It's awesome!!! =^0^=

Keomut Lee says:


Oliver Gomes says:

Loved the points Aaron you are awesome as always 😀 .. i am currently having a blast doing self portrait ( uploading more soon check it out guys or (

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