Smoke Photography made simple – week 62

Smoke Photography made simple – week 62

Smoke has a hidden beauty that can only be unlocked with the help of photography.

In this video photography expert Gavin Hoey demonstrates a simple but effective set up using off camera flash (strobist technique).




townbiscuit says:

you can use a lamp but because the lightsource is different(continous vs. Instantaneous) you should adjust your camera settings. aperture, shutter speed and iso. 


Nice work !!

eeMJaii says:

Only way to know is to try it! good luck!

danmonkey71 says:

Really helpful, loved the tip regarding the light

Chirag Mehta says:

i used mobile's flash and a cheap camera.
how is this? :)

Great video Gavin, I was just about to go photograph some smoke in my studio and I came across your video, which gave me a lot of ideas to think about. Great job with the smoke and with the video. This is my first time seeing your videos and now I am a subscriber.

So much fun! I didn't have any gels so I used a cleaning fluid spray which had a orange case to create some light 😉

sanjserif121 says:

Great video yet again Gavin. Must have a go at this

charles molt says:

so , ok i have made some great smoke images, how do you use them. will they sell as I make them or do you add them to some other image,. Of course i could always just do then for fun

mrlozmoore says:

would love to see gavin direct pr0n

craftyhanz says:

how big are the cards blocking the flashgun? and what did you make them out of

What lens are you using mate?

Engelhafen says:

Would a strobe lighting system work as well?

Gem Webb says:

One of the clearest videos on smoke photography

Fantastic video.  Clear and easy to follow like all your other vids Gavin.  
I ran out and bought some incense last weekend.

hey there, I'm a photography student and I'm planning on doing a shoot like this for my next project, the only thing I'm missing is a flash gun, can anyone recommend a relatively cheap one?

A nice easy way to focus would be to set the focusing on the lens to manual, then focus on the Incense stick, the D.O.F should take care of the rest :-)

a phillips says:

andrewbissellphoto (dotcom)

Great information. Love your work. I too do Smoke Art.

TheRealRoof says:

Thanks Gavin

Adam Barron says:

What's the flash gun your using?

Manish Dhuva says:

what if i don't have flash gun?

Soumilya De says:

I don't have a flash gun. I can use the backflash of my mobile phone.

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