Splash Photography Technique – No Flash needed

Splash Photography Technique – No Flash needed

Splash Master Class: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1014975&c=ib&aff=158330&cl=176544
We Highly recommend this resource to any photographer who needs to master splash photography technique




Yul Olaivar says:

great job !…<a href="http://fineartamerica.com/art/paintings/water/all" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">water paintings</a>

Vishwa Visu says:

sir,wat stand have u used for glass to fix sir can u tel me clearly sir………

Oblios Arrow says:

when you shot the pictures in this video.. what did you shoot in… raw? raw+ jpeg…?

Say Perez says:


You look Younger and SEXY. xxx
Free Palestine.

man why doesn't he just skip to the important information, we dont need conversation, just quick talk and show :P

Tamer98 says:

You are just simple and great..

john conlin says:

hi what lens did you use thank you

what camera did you use? 

onepoet63 says:

This is one of the easiest set ups for photography splash and one of the most effective I have come across. Really loved the simplicity. I love simplicity!! Thank you so much!! Just one question, you used an outdoor halogen 100 watt. light. If I were using studio lights instead of the halogen, what strobe would I use, meaning what would be equivalent to the halogen light? Would the studio strobe be the 8oo, 1200, or 1600?  Thank you 🙂 Oh one more question LOL, did you use macro lens?

Those shots are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing helpful tips.

You're generous with your knowledge and an excellent teacher..Thanks 

Cameron Root says:

Why is he wearing Steve Jobs' attire.

daftweebrush says:

no flash needed. Just a 100w halogen yard lamp :)

thechosen says:

For high shutter speed of 1/1000, you raised ISO from 100 to 400? Why didn't you raise exposure compensation instead of ISO?

Mahesh Mg says:

i like ur technique.. love it…<3

Moh ea says:

Steve Jobs is that to you

I would like to ask if those settings are the same when instead of dropping water i drop wine!!!

giannhsp222 says:

this is not splash… more like running water technique. If you really shake the bottle and create many small droplets with high velocity you will need 1/5000 second or faster exposure to freeze them

michael rock says:

just starting out on this subject. i taken a few splash shots..dropping things into a fish tank
my problem is the subject that is dropping is not that clear, I have a canon t3 my settings that i
am using…Manuel,,,1/40  F18  ISO 18 lens i am using is 18-135mm  what do i need to do?

thank youuuu 🙂 TEŞEKKÜRLER   in TURKISH

Toby Powell says:

what lens did you use?

thank you will  be trying this

What brand and model number is that boom? Where can i buy one?  Great video!

kat ze says:

 My camera have shutter speed up to 1/4000 its better than 1/1000 right?


OlivierSt says:

Not well frozen.
Use a 500W lamp and freeze the movement at 1/4000 at least.

Thanks very much :)

Muchas gracias!

Thank you very much

daniel petit says:

to lo k tu tiene k ta bucando palomo +Gabriel Petit

I would like to know the gear and where you obtained the plate to put gas on

Marc Klein says:

It's a pity to have no translation in French.

I love this guy!

tried this yesterday , work out quiet good, used wine though 😉 also had a weaker lamp and no professional material besides the camera =) I do have a problem where some of the pictures came out way to dark in continuous mode but others of the same series turned out well lit, is that because of the shutter speed ?

Ryan Wigmore says:

wouldnt you use a canle release to reduce camera blur

Gracias !! Muy bueno el tutorial.

nice pictures! I am gonna try very soon.

Chuyen Do says:

Very helpful vid. Muchas gracias!

Thanks for this. I did it, and came out with a very nice photo. Cheers!

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