Star Trails Photography Tutorial: Take Pictures at Night

Star Trails Photography Tutorial: Take Pictures at Night

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DirtyGS300 says:

anyone else notice how off the subtitles were !lol

MicBergsma says:

Thank you so much for closed caption!!!

Matt Colgate says:

Is this kind of the same technique for those cityscapes with streaking car headlights and such?

Mr. Boss says:

Can I use the "Magic Lantern" app instead of the intervalometer?
Yeah,I know I'm late

Andy Mard says:

@tony Northrup Great video. FYI. There are subtitles. They are sometimes bizarre. Automatic voice recognition.

Will this work in the Southern Hemisphere?

what kind of shutter release should I choose? and Ade there any suggestions to take perfect pictures with perfect timing? Im using canon 60D body!!

great video! could you make a checklist for startrail like you did for wedding photo?

Al Lariviere says:

Who wrote the captions?? hahaha. That person doesn't speak English very well I think.

Nicely explained Tony…

Adam Chen says:

What do you think of the Sony app that can be downloaded into your camera to do star trails, time lapse, and etc? It's $10 for the star trail app but I wonder will it work well, seeing there's so many factors consider

Click your teeth one more time

gilbet says:

Hi, I'm studying the behavior of light coming from stars. I noticed on some "star trail" photos and videos, the star trails look like check marks with one end bright and the other end tapered. I was wondering – Do they always do that, and is it causes by something the camera is doing? Or does it suggest something about the behavior of the light, where it starts off dim and then brightens?

Vernon Deck says:

Super interesting, thanks! I might give something like this a try in the coming months

tytykoolkat says:

I've seen other people recommend putting the camera in bulb mode and just taking one very long exposure instead of stacking multiple 30 second shots. Does that work too?

Barb L says:

Hey – great, interesting – but the sub-titles are SOOOO bad – and often so incorrect.  Suggest you remove them.

I remember watching this tutorial 2 years ago and saving up money to buy a timer because it cost 50 dollars! Pretty expensive, but I still use it and has served so many great purposes.

mattcav001 says:

your video man needs to watch your vid on correct exposure

witnit says:

Thanks! Your ideas are really good. If you don't mind me suggesting, please edit your explanation down a bit more. Succinct


Hello Sir Tony. I would like to know what editing you used with that "gap filling" thing? thank you

And I honestly believed that all these star pictures are taken with 3 hour exposure. And wondered how can they do that without overexposing a shot and ambient light.

1600 ISO? Noise?

casual814 says:

hi tony, I just started and wanted to have a try at this and i wanted to know of I just needed to set the interval with 30 sec and the shutter speed of 30 sec?

Ming Yau says:

how do you find the north star??

on canon cameras you can install magiclantern firmware and you have integrated intervalometer

smeet shukla says:

Hi Tony, I have been facing a problem with my time lapse. I will really be greatfull if you can help me. I have a Nikon D750. When ever i shoot a time lapse my camera skips a minimum of 4 files i.e. if i set my setting to shoot 500 shots it takes only 125 shots. I have faced a lot of problem and cant seem to find a answer to it. Kindly help

Did anyone else laugh at the way he said "hi" at the beginning

thadude1337 says:

Why is there a past infinity on lenses?

Hi Tony, Tried the star trail, last night, I use a Palm tree, but it didn't come out to well. I ended up turning it into a time lapse. Thank you very much for the well demonstrated tutorial. I still need to practice

EDIcoN says:

star trails prooves flat stationary earth

What if i have canon 1ds with a 2 inch screen that is absolutely horrible

David Abbs says:

great tutorial i so want to have a go at this, difficult when living in the middle of a large city.

Great video!! Could you please tell me what is your tripod name?

by far and wide the best tutorial I've even seen on star trails. you guys are the best. Gonna buy the book soon.

May i know what is the glowing, fluorescent thingy on your camera's mount, the hotshoe.

2:56 whats the glowing mount

Hi, great video. I just have two questions:
1) isn't it good idea to keep about 30sec between the shots? The worry about the sensor heat for continuously running with high iso. Maybe magic lantern can help.

2) Any advice on light leaks from vf for such long exposures?


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