Steel Wool Photography Tutorial

Steel Wool Photography Tutorial


This photography video tutorial will show you how to burn and spin steel wool to create super cool long exposure photos of sparks.




Rapunzel Oil says:

fuck-thong u know…?

What kind of clothes should I wear to do this?

thanks for sharing this video..
very helpful…
thumbs up and greetings from germany

Adapt FPV says:

I'm gonna do it in the snow so no worries

Would a gopro be capable of capturing some.of these shots

Pretty nice video and explanation!Liked and subscribed!Thanks man!

Oleg Boyko says:

Hey man! I started watching your videos awhile back, you inspired me so much! thank you:)))

Daniyal Shah says:

Bro try this on cliff when on the background the sun is sating down..

28 Films says:

At the end of the video you look like Jimmy Nuetrons dad bro

felix perez says:

What does the picture style have to be on

Yute Hube says:

2:01 let me just pause it and answer

you literally rock

you are my role model

i want to be more like you

i can't wait to learn how to photograph a flying cat

i have a pretty good camera so can't wait to try this out

i can't believe the cops kicked you out thats hilarious

Outstanding Tutorials.

So you will need at least one other person to take the photos or can you set a timer with burst shots or timelapse if you're by yourself?

Daniel Wells says:

Great advice! Also I like how we can here your phone going off at 2 minutes XD

Jim Markle says:

As my mother often said, never let someone pull the wool over your eyes! Now I know why.

QTLuv says:

Why would I do iso 200 at f8 when I can do iso 100 at f5.6?

Hey buddy, very nice video! Thanks a lot for let me remember all of this. I've forgotten about all of them. Will try to make some nice pics. o/…

hey i wanted to ask if u can do this with phone cameras too? would be nice if id get an answer :)

Thank you for the tutorial! :)

Vernon Deck says:

Awesome video, thanks!

great… I'm looking for an interesting experiment for my students middle school and high school : )

Marc Sarkis says:

Can i make the photo with the night lapse mode ? I have the gopro hero 4

using a pole with a led twisted on the upper part

Raff Tube says:

Too much talking pal, video coulda been done in a minute; then I woulda been happy to come back and visit the channel.

toddy2519 says:

Since your book is geared towards Photoshop…how would it translate for Corel Paintshop Pro?
Interested in your book but need to know if I can actually use your techniques with Corel.

Cow Pie says:

im very late but do it by a lake

Nic Neufeld says:

For safety…stand in the middle of the road. 😉
Seriously though, great tutorial, thanks!

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