Street Photography Basics

Street Photography Basics

Street photography, while exciting and spontaneous, can also be intimidating and awkward, seeing that strangers are usually the subject. If you are interested in or new to street photography, join Nichole Paschal as she covers some basic tips and ideas on how to capture intriguing moments.




royoung1216 says:

dont worry. As a Chinese I have to say we are really nice to photographers. Especially for those international photographers. trust me

When you took those photos, did you have some documentation or paper that you did get sign, so you cold get the right to post the pictures on the web :)

hukes says:

Shoot from the hip!

hukes says:

I think in most countries, if it's the street, it's fair game. It's a public place.

i loved your advice. i really want to start with street photography without loking like a creepy person

Can the same advice be used on film photography? I'm currently using film not digital, so yeah. All I have is one lense anyway

Instagram @creolebell

Guoenyi says:

pick a standard prime and get running!

Guoenyi says:

Wear a long robe and burka

Hong Kong has a different political system from mainland China. 

They block millions of websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogspot etc. because Communist Party of China deems these websites detrimental to maintaining social peace and harmony.

Jim AZBKK says:

I live in Asia and it is almost impossible to blend in anywhere unless you are in a place with many other foreigners. When I am out by myself I am noticed wherever I go. If I happen to have the camera with me I immediately hear the locals loudly announce: 'Foreigner with Camera'. But they will notice me without a camera too.

Using my DSLR won't work for me so I have good results shooting from the hip with a smaller camera at a wide focal length. Sometimes I will ask permission but not always.

Samirnoff25 says:

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Get a white blanket n go to photograph ryt after u wake up to get that chinki eyes look.. :P

tufotostudio says:

"Foreigner with a camera" would mean a tourist (rather than an intimidating guy with a weapon to shoot) doing his touristy photos. I think it's a bless in Asia where people generally are kind to non-Asian.

oasisbeyond says:

I'm scared to get murdered for my camera… Is this a normal feeling? :)

Jonan76 says:

well i get scared of getting mugged and beat up, it depends where you live

this video is making street sound like rocket science for robots. who made up these rules, i don't get it? she's talking like your photographing scared monkeys. 

henry cartier bresson

HumGuitar says:

Are you talking about using film or digital? 

Ali Khalid says:

Thank you for all that info & tips really looking forward to keep talking about street photography in more videos … Big thanks 

Do you shoot in color? then change to B/W?, Also what do you do if a policeman says No Shooting here, but you have a nice subject near you?

+Greg Kowal Pictures of homeless people are so overdone. I'm sorry. You are obviously famous for your brilliant pics of homeless people but for some reason I have never heard of you or your Nobel peace prize. Apparently you don't realize that there is soo much more to street photography than just homeless people. It is a fantastic medium. You want to talk about overdone? Sunsets. Sunrises. Trees. Animals. Babies. Flowers. I could go on but why? People will still until the end of time photograph all of these things. In one weekend, I shot a KKK rally, an accident where there was a fatality and I was first on the scene and an oil refinery fire just from driving around looking for things to shoot. So go shoot your Sunrise and I will walk the streets looking for a man who thinks he's the King of Zanzibar. 

M7CVZ says:

Bad audio, is this a webcast?  get live audio next time.  this is very basic, much better out there.

goanjourney says:

One thing i find annoying in You Tube Videos is most often the narrator talks too much and wastes time and in the way gets visitors look elsewhere.

There are no basics for streetphotography.Photography doesnt need rules.

This video was helpful to me. Thank you, girl.

Oh hey, chill sir. I agree there are no fixed rules to photography (aside from basic technicalities and even then, there are so many permutations) … but as someone new to the genre, researching tips helps me find out know more about the process. Of course nothing beats actual practice but hey, it's 2am where I am, I can't sleep. I've got work tomorrow so I'm definitely not shooting. So I'm here trying to learn.

spoonr47 says:

You can use as long a lens as you want for street photography.   You can use ANY lens for street photography.

Rob Moses says:

Nice vid, cool pics. 

brent847 says:

events  like parades, celebrations, fairs  are good places to practice as well.
a good tactic is to find a hang out place a bench or picnic table  where people will pass by or be interacting   it lets them cone to you.

be the tourists,,   turn body off angle to your subject, many times with smaller cameras you can be unnoticed  or they might think your shooting something else.

you can say you thought they were interesting  or maybe even famous.

If you are going to follow these tips you might as well just grab a point in shoot. There is no rules, follow these for a frustrating day with a lot of missed and out of focus snap shots. Wide angle? I almost never use one, try to get a candid shot sticking your camera in you someones face because that's what you need to do with a wide angle. These old timers had no choice but to use wider lens because that's all that was out at the time. Shoot from the hip? That's not even photography, just grab that point n shoot! You can solve all the problems that you brought up by using a longer lens. So instead of trying to follow the old timers out dated rules why not just sit off in the background and shoot from a distance. It's no different than shooting from the hip or setting up a tripod except you actually have control of your shot. Sense when is there an "idea" of street shooting? These type of narrow minded suggestions take the art out of street photography and make it a case of making snap shots and hoping they turn out okay. I don't know about you but I didn't get into photography to take snap shots and that is what these suggestions lead too.

bartelR says:

one or two pics were nice, the rest was crap. sorry!

ghw7192 says:

I've used either a Rolleiflex or a Nikon F-2 with a prism finder for almost 47 years, but the original Konica Hexar in stealth mode is also an excellent choice.  I leave the digital cameras at home because people are more curious about the film cameras than they are upset if I'm noticed.

Lee Xiong says:

restriction is the greatest teacher.. use one lens.. learn to "see" with that lens… color or black and white it doesnt matter if the scene is out of place.. and yes there are basics to everything and everything has rules that needs breaking.. especially street photography

hersh23 says:

Maybe it's because I'm just now seriously getting into photography, but there sure do seem to be a lot of angry negative comments here.

I myself found this video useful but will gladly continue to explore other forms of tips and advice.

Dave B says:

Check out my street photography. Any feedback would be appreciated. Instagram @lens_flair123

There are a lot of ways for you to learn photography and one of these methods is learning though online photography courses being offered and available over the internet.

Nelson Smith says:

When it comes to certain disciplines like photography, writing, dance etc  I find that a lot of people tend to get to a certain level and then decide that they know everything there is to know.  Part  of their time is then spent giving other people bad advice (or most often no real advice ); the other part is spent looking for other people who are being helpful, and trying to show  how much more "they" know.

That's why you get a lot of inane comments like "there are no rules to art", when we're talking about photography.  Art is what people decide is art; and you're being as presumptuous thinking you're going to make it as you are thinking you're going to create a viral video.  Topaz is simply offering good tips on getting better photography under particular situations, no more no less. Do other methods work, have people done the exact opposite and gotten good results, of course, but if you're new to the idea of street photography it's a good starting point. It doesn't hurt to try it.

is it best to shoot in colour then develope in black +.White.or just shoot in black n White?

RS says:

Rules rules rules
Go out and shoot
F1.8 F5.6 F 8 F16 who cares
Get your composition right , shots with shallow depth of field are also great Street Photo's
Rules are there to be broken, they are the shackles you don't need.
Don't be a cop cat.
Happy shooting !!

I really enjoyed your video.  I really liked your images, too.  A lot of 'street photography' images that I've seen – not yours – could have been taken by a monkey.  Your tip about using a tripod to "set the scene" for your photograph was a great one.  Thanks a lot.

oskarness says:

i disagree with looking at a specific photographers work until much later. try looking at a bunch of different random street photographs without knowing the photographers. If you do they will imprint on you and kill your creativity.

Photographs included in this session are amazing.

ram rod says:

i have a 40mm pancake lens…..good for street photography?

quatie says:

Are you on Instagram

gerry morgan says:

I would not worry about being viewed as weird, just get the shot and move-on.

I really hate the expression "shoot" in English. We are not "shooting" anything: nothing is coming out from the camera, nothing is being "shot" from inside the camera. The process is exactly the opposite: something is getting into the camera not coming out from the camera. English can be so stupid sometimes.

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