Studio Flash Lighting Portrait photography Large Softbox tutorial

Studio Flash Lighting Portrait photography Large Softbox tutorial

Using the 120cm octagonal softbox Gavin Hoey shows how by just using this one softbox and a 400Ws studio flash head, a 300Ws would do the same, for his studio lighting setup to produce some quality portraits.

Live action show shows how Gavin uses several different lighting setups and shows you just how to produce quality results in a simple to understand way.

This softbox has been upgraded to include a grid

Strobe Softbox small softbox used to illuminate the face.

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Would that soft boxes be okay if i use for black and white photography .

Hey mate. Im just getting started with the use of strobes and portrait shooting in the studio I set up. I have a black background, stands, two 400w strobes, 2 reflectors, etc etc. Shooting with 5D Mk III. I'm looking up lighting setups, but also poses for the model. I see you cut off the top of the girls head a lot. What was your reasoning behind that? Any info/advice that helps me is appreciated! Thanks :-) says:

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mike barrie says:

Great advise and stunning quality photos, thanks

Zolipsist says:

Me: "wow what ponderous questions are these children thinking of?" "here look at my hand" 

Thank you so much – your video was exactly what I was looking for – Getting ready to venture from natural light to studio lighting – I will be getting two alien bees 800w.  I planned on getting 2 large softboxes….although I have heard one large umbrella and one softbox would also be great.  What would you recommend?

What light meter are you using?

thankyou for the video

Ralph Jordan says:

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Prince Davis says:

i notice you had a transmitter on the camera to take the pictures. and had  the 400 watt lamp  to light up the person ? Would it be a problem if i used a cannon ex600 rt in my soft to take pics with my transmitter  ? Im new to photography and am trying to learn how to use lighting properly. heres my email

can you use only 200 watts of strobe light in 120cm octagonal softbox? thank you

Brad White says:

The video does not appear to be working:(

abudaabadi says:

Hello, you used the sphare of the lightmeter which collects the light from all directions. I think that your reading of half a stop difference isn't correct because you measured the light comming from the center and even the reflexions too. Do I see it right that you have a sekonic 308? It ships with a small flat piece you have to pop on the meter for such measurements.

Lee OfBacup says:

You really need to fix that kids tooth. 

Why did you chop of the top of the girls head in every example shot? is this the style ATM?

Good tutorial! Be nice if the girl was allowed to smile once or twice – she's not quite ready for the bored, wan-faced supermodel world.

AndreCorner says:

What size is that backdrop? I'd like to get a similar sized one

Eko Susilo says:

Thank you so much.
It 's a great video and work for me.

octap79 says:

This little girl is far more responsive to given instructions that most of my models.

I saw many of your videos and you have some great tips! Thanks! Unfortunately most video are in low res, I really hope you will upload videos in HD in the future so we can better see the results… but again GREAT TIPS! THX

Just amazing WOW! These are the type of pictures I would one day want to achieve.

Great video.:) One question: where exactly is your flash?

jeffrockr says:

I have a aurora 120cm octo softbox, it has the 'plugs' to put a inner difuser, however I had none included with the kit, is there a place where I can buy only the inner diffuser??

Great info!!! Will this same method work with a 28*28" Studio in a box and 3 soft box total 1200w output lights ? I'm trying to capture pictures with a bright white background of dog apparel on a dog mannequin.  Any suggestions or tips please?

Fantastic work!!!! Congratulations!

Is the camera flash being used?

Is The Strobe Attached To The Softbox?

Footbroz says:

The kid is ill😿😂

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