The Stone Buddha of Reigando. Kumamoto,

The Stone Buddha of Reigando. Kumamoto,
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The cave of Reigando (literally translated means “spirit rock cave”) is a very special place. Located a 30 minute drive from Kumamoto, Japan the drive is a pleasant trip into the Japanese countryside.
Arriving at the start of the pathway to the cave you immediately feel calm and at peace as the sounds of the Japanese forest lead you in the right direction.
The 500 Stone Buddha oversee the path to Reigando. This cave was where the legendary swordsman, writer and artist Miyamoto Musashi wrote the Book of Five Rings.
These crumbling statues are collectively known as the Gohyaku Rakan, or the five hundred followers of Buddha who have attained enlightenment. Rakan are celebrated for their twin successes – triumphing over earthly anger and greed and wiping clean the karmic slate from their earlier lives.
The signs of exposure to the elements over hundreds of years adds to the character of each of the Buddha. They say that if you look closely enough you will find a Buddha that looks like you.



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