Timelapse Photography Tutorial Part 1 – Timelapse Interval and Exposure Basics

Timelapse Photography Tutorial Part 1 – Timelapse Interval and Exposure Basics

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A new detailed time-lapse resource for both new and intermediate DSLR shooters. I cannot thank everyone enough for your feedback.

Sorry for the crummy background and even crummier volumes. Bummer on my part. Sorry about that. Total newb mistake. I hope the timelapse tutorial was somewhat helpful anyway (minus that cruddy music) and I’m working on a new timelapse photography tutorial series for release soon (with these lessons learned)

A video tutorial covering time-lapse photography interval and exposure basics using a DSLR camera:
– Avoiding time-lapse flicker with manual mode
– Setting a time-lapse interval
– Creating motion blur
– Priority mode shooting

This is part of an open dialog to experiment and improve our understanding of time-lapse photography techniques and skills, I encourage you to ask questions, experiment, and share the results.

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glockatory says:

Thumbs up for Atlas Shrugged. Thanks for the video!

music is unbearable.. totally ruins what otherwise may be a good tutorial video. sort it out, man

E.L. Bl/Du says:

very helpful in spite of the music thanks, better than I could do, as a beginner. I really like the graphics, I can pause and take notes.

Bwanar1 says:

A lot of good tips. What about using Manual, but setting Auto ISO to adjust for the changing lighting in (say) the sunset scene?

CHENG B says:

Very helpful, thank you :-)

Ionatan _ says:

Excellent tutorial, I learned a lot!
This is what I did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwWfPlbdQuY

rahalati says:

useful video but I wish the background music is a bit lower … it's so distracting

kendokaaa says:

Very informative, thanks

great video, it helps perfectly

Vijay Nanda says:

stopped it after a minute because relatively loud and annoying background music !

Great video, thumbs up. Cheers from sunny Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

thanks for sharing……

Contrary to what everyone else is saying, I actually enjoyed the music. I'm a video guy and frequent youtuber, and idk, I just like how it's different. "hello, can you hear me?" It kind of sounds cool. Great info though!!

Terry Mercer says:

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions… I have a strange 'shooting situation' – with an outdoor stage setup. The stage is in the shadows (very dark), but the cement of the seating area and surrounding stuff is extremely bright. So the ND filter essentially blacked out the stage (so I removed it)… though I'm thinking about trying a gradient ND, to see if that helps any, at least on the top portion. Because this was a 12 HOUR time lapse, the frequency was about 30 seconds to start with, then down to every 15 seconds when the bands started performing. The camera was set to manual focus, aperture priority…


Michael Ruiz says:

Very informative! Thank you for the tutorial.

Hi!! very useful video It makes me focus, also because I´m a beginner on it

Your videos were my base for all my time-lapse photography. I bought your Digital book, studied it and thereafter used it to record some unique time lapses. The project I recently released was inspired from you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EXymXCTAhQ

Thanks. I've a link in our description to your digital book, we hope you don't mind.

Mike Elis says:

man I just came across your tutorial but I had to stop listening due ti the fact I couldnt make out the music clearly from your voice – I am fully hearing imparied in one ear, and its all noise to me …sorry dude

hi during the time lapse when we set the interval how many shots should I set between the intervals

If I'm setting an 8 second interval how many shots should I set between each interval

Mr na says:

Idiotic music

Mr na says:

you could have mentioned which software you used to

and can you please tell me what time lapse tool did you use

Magnum says:

Great tutorial video!

JulienCloud says:

this may sound like a very stupid question but how do you change the interval time when taking a time-lapse

pauliesemail says:

phenomenal tutorial and level of detail! great work!

whats with the music?

fraser35 says:

I'm not sure if this is a good tutorial or not. I lasted 36 secs and decided that I wouldn't be taking advice from anyone who has this little grasp over video editing and audio levels. It's supposed to be a tutorial about time lapse, why would you even feel the need to include irritating, distracting and just plain shit back ground music?

Thanks so much for this video!! I have a question. I am covering a hot air balloon race in September. Before sunrise they do a glow show…. should I use auto scene settings…. as the lighting is going to change abruptly when the burners light up the balloons and as the sun begins to rise…. your thoughts?

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