Tips for Better Backgrounds: Episode 146: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Tips for Better Backgrounds: Episode 146: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode marks shows you that the background can make all the difference when shooting portraits. Whether you are inside a studio or out on location be sure to pay careful attention to your background! Mark will give you some of his tips to get better portrait backgrounds!

AdoramaTV features talented hosts including: Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Joe McNally, Tamara Lackey, Diane Wallace, Bryan Peterson and Rich Harrington.

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hanzel n says:

cell phone bars

Hey mark let me use that B1 hahaha!!! Nice video thanks again

Adorama says:

Exclusively on AdoramaTV: +Mark Wallace shows you how to get better backgrounds for your portrait #photography

Formerly, it was the Dalton Brothers, now they are the cell phone bars.

cirmothe9 says:

Hi Dawn! (´・ω・)ノ

Thought you were gonna do more with the studio backgrounds. Like what color would better accent her skin tone or something. Anyway, great stuff Mark. Keep it up!

BridgeHands says:

Well done Mark and I agree the best background is at:
In addition to the nice depth of field, having multiple vertical layers (three here, green, red, yellowish) add interest to the background and complement the subject.  And while the light is a bit hot/high-key on camera left, it is offset by the bright spot on the background on lower camera right (so much a vignette might be useful).  At any rate, great tutorial – WTG!

Joey Joiner says:

More Mark Wallace videos please. Keep them comin'. Love 'em!

Richie Lopez says:

Another great video Mark!

Alexa Towler says:

what camera is he shooting with?

MegaTruck20 says:

Great video as usual Mark but if distracting backgrounds are a problem at f8 why not open up to f4 and just make them wash away? 

Jim Cutler says:

I agree, Mark is very good. Nothing drags. Info is good.

Sanxing Baby says:

Tips from this episode: how to be a good photographer?
1. A good family.
2. A good model.
3. A good camera.

mary w says:

Lex is gorgeous. the quiet, not in your face look at me, gorgeous, she is the kind of natural beauty everyone loves to see

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