Tips for Better Real Estate or Architectural Photography

Tips for Better Real Estate or Architectural Photography

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Recommended flash gear:




You´re forgot recrop imgae after you used screw tool.

Larry Fields says:

Try using the Yongnuo 560 TX flash controller and the Youngnuo RF 603 II radio triggers. You'll stop paying the higher price for the Pocket Wizards. These are made by Yongnuo and are completely compatible with the 560 Flash units and can do things your Pocket Wizards can't do. BTW there is a 560 IV flash which is newer with more features, AND it's cheaper than the model II.

Mike Taylor says:

Reliable equipment is key, especially when you are on a shoot. It really sucks when your triggering equipment stops functioning when you have a person sitting in front of your camera. Really embarrassing. Pocket Wizards, all the way.

Mike Taylor says:

I would have set my camera colour balance to tungsten, put a CTO gel on the flash and done it that way. That way I only have the window light to deal with in PS. Or, close the drapes, or bring a large opaque fabric and drape over the window. Then make a 3rd exposure for the far room with another flash pop. 3 shots, two with the flash. Blend in PS.

Emad S says:

Thank u very much very good content , but why the ceiling still dark but very white in the dining room?

Bruno Garcia says:

Hi Mark, thanks for the tips! The virtual tour intro, is it a 3d render or Matterport scan? Looks very realistic!

Ian Davis says:

Very cool Mark…thanks for the tips. What was your setup for the video…a 3-axis camera gimbal + GoPro? (Awfully clear video for lower light conditions.)

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