Using Zones for Black and White Photography: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: AdoramaTV

Using Zones for Black and White Photography: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: AdoramaTV

Learn how to use zones of light to convert color photographs to stunning, high contrast, black and white images. In this episode Mark Wallace explains his abbreviated version of Ansel Adam’s Zone System. Mark explains the five zones of exposure and demonstrates how to manipulate them using Lightroom 5.

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Thank you so much for this tutorial!! Really helps me a lot as a beginner. More power Mark! 

Geof Powell says:

I learned some good tips for adjusting B&W shots in Lightroom.

really nice, very useful tips.

Hi Mark. Thanks for this very helpful and interesting video. I'm looking forward to try it out soon. Have a great day.

canturgan says:

It's the tone system. Good information.

Wow good explanation on how to do black and white convert.  At least the zoning part.  I always get in trouble when i use the color sliders I really do not understand how to do that but I will look other videos.  Also I do not use photoshop.  I use DXO optics pro.

I like contrasty black and white portraits and I really want to know how to do that tastefully.  But using the zones is already a very good start I did not know it worked liked that.

Thanks for this great video and easy to understand for beginners. But to me it seems with the color sliders it is easy to mess it up very bad very quick.

Really appreciated this video guys.. i love that no matte how much you use Lightroom, you learn different things and techniques frequently…thanks!

just a thought why do pro photographers always open with "with my ladida camera and so and so lens ?"

This is an academic lesson, thank you so much.

Gibberishus says:

I actually prefer shitty looking prints at high cost.But thanks for asking!
Great episode by the way🐶

opwave79 says:

Cool video.  Ha ha…somehow it seems a whole lot easier to just use my film camera to shoot B&W and just split filter print.  Just kidding!  I needed the Lightroom review.  Thanks :)

Word up! says:

AA is spinning in his grave

Really helpful as a beginner Mark, thank you!

32ndFoto says:

Very helpful..

I was going to watch a movie on Netflix, but then this video distracted me and got me all interested in playing around with some B&W photography again… also this ISN'T THE ZONE SYSTEM! Oh wait… never mind. Taught me a lot – thank you.

jorgelvs30 says:

Mark, Thanks for this great tutorial.

John Kraemer says:

Very good overview! Thank you for sharing!

Cheng Cheng says:

that was really helpful for me, thx for sharing!!!

Ian Palmer says:

Simple, stunning, superb

Great tutorial!! been watching lots of videos on how to convert to BnW and edit but yours is really great. Thank you

Perfect explanation. Easy to follow and fun to watch. Mark's videos are my favorite.

Jerry Ranch says:

The " zone system" was used by painters for hundreds of years before Ansel Adams. He merely applied a component of composition and tonal theory to photography.

awesome video! thank you! by the way, when i edit picture, how should i set my monitor's brightness? should i set it in the middle? or should i max my screen brightness? any other paramater on my screen i should adjust before editing a picture?

oraghz02 says:

hey Mr.Mark Wallace
interesting interpretation ! see you next one !

Got to love the contrast of black and white! Check out my b and w short "Breather"

Just seeing this now, and I am LOVING all the tips! Makes so much sense and I'm putting it to use as we speak!

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