Visualize Better Photos: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Visualize Better Photos: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Ansel Adams said that photographers should visualize the print before taking a photo. In this episode Mark Wallace walks through his process of visualizing and taking a photo. Mark shows how he sets his camera, takes his photos, and finishes the process in Lightroom.

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Glad you made it to Nepal. And thanks for the donation information. Love your work.

albertr915 says:

nice video mark.

Loved the tutorial!

filmmaker says:

welcome to nepal????

Hello Mark, thanks for coming to Nepal. That's what the country needs now: tourists coming back.

terenas1986 says:

Disliker get wrecked! This was a powerful vid.

Fantastic tutorial Mark :)

Steinar Knai says:

Nicely done, Mark

RMXSeven says:

Visualising it is tough! I guess it comes down to experience. How can one teach how to visualize!

Promo Tion says:

Thanks for being there in Nepal..It's nice to see Kathmandu through your picture/video :)

Nice job Mark! Enjoyed this one a lot!

Well come to Nepal

Really good vid! Well done, mate.

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