Want Better Photos? Invest in Experiences, NOT Equipment

Want Better Photos? Invest in Experiences, NOT Equipment

If you want to create striking and memorable photos, spend your money on new experiences, not the newest gear. Here’s why….

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Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work includes the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750 camera.

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Matt Jackson says:

Being an action sports photographer I love it. Invest in technology but just to the necessary degree, and get high-quality shots from unique experiences and perspectives that most people, and most photographers, are unable to get. Love your videos man! I've learned a lot

gasho s says:

Best intro I have ever heard!

olafzijnbuis says:

I agree 100%.
Even if your pictures are slightly less you still have the experiences.
My Canon 550D has the Canon badge taped off, hangs on a old dirty non-brand strap and goes with me in a old fashioned plain bag.
It minimizes the risk of getting robbed. Also poking a 3000$ camera in a one-dollar-a-day person's face is just not done.

geo80551 says:

Great advice. i still use the D-7000. i love . I think it was Bob Krist, who once said . He got paid when he sold photos, not how many he took. Moose Peterson once said the best advice he heard, was his own.. You give some great advice also. i never sold a Kidney yet for a camera. I will disregard that. Ha Ha.

Thank you for sharing

Really interesting introduction about selling your kidney. :P

Julia Miller says:

thanks:) this helped alot

This is what I wanted :D

booism1023 says:

7 people sold their kidneys…..

Ashish patra says:

What an introduction! ;)

Experience>money The rest will fall into place

Rudy Ramirez says:

6 mirrorless mirrors? Lmao

Chris Horner says:

A sane piece of advice. Well said.

Great advice. Incredible photos, just stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Your videos are so relaxing and helpful to watch. Thanks man. Please keep up the good work.

Ali Samaan says:

LOL funny intro!

hannah 명 says:

thanks for making this video!

I'm new to your channel and your tutorials are amazing… lo love them!

Hiiii….. Please can you give me your camera setting for landscape photography in Nikon d810…. Thankyou

dont get me wrong but the thing that gets photos like that is photoshop and lightroom ,in my eye this is not photography ,this is computer enhanced photos ,not real photography

Karl Hans says:

I have a Canon T2i and I doubt I could get as good picture quality as your old cameras.

I just, today came across your channel. Right now I'm just starting out learning Photography. I'm one of those people who is very limited on funds. Unfortunately, I was in a car accident that left me on disability. But my point is, I'm learning on a Nikon D60. I know it's not the best camera by far but what's the point in buying a $2000.00 camera if I don't understand Exposure, ISO, Aperture, etc.. I'm learning but I've found that practice, practice and practice some more. Thanks for the great videos and I definitely subscribed! Thank you!

ppoppo 990 says:

Thanks Joshoa . I learned a lot more from ur experience. I will definitely share your thoughts and experience with the photographers. Don't stop amazing us with yuor creativity. We are waiting for the next videos.

Kazi Nazrul says:

well said bro…..even i took photos with old model cameras ….but when i show them to someone they say 'have u used a dslr to capture this'

Carly Hunt says:

Love this! I am a huge believer that is is the person operating the camera who comes up with the nice shots, not the camera. I have seen amazing work on "older" or "entry level" cameras…and I have seen mediocre work on the more premier cameras.

am learning sponge Bob….

As a professional nature photography, what advice do you have on finding to sick places to shoot? Do you hop in the car and go explore, google sick places to shoot, ask around, or perhaps all of the above?


ouchen zach says:


Marie R says:

Thank you, ty, ty Joshua for your creative tutorial videos. Very educational with a hint of rolling on the floor humor.

nuvigroovi says:

Yes, before you buy that new lens, think about buying photography books or a vacation you can shoot at.

Berg Steirer says:

Couldn't agree more.

it is 2016, the d300s is still pretty good and so is the d7000 =)

Matt Roback says:

YEA best intro EVER made.

dematson says:

Another way to look at it is if I am going to backpack 30 miles in the High Sierra Nevada Mountains, I am not taking a point and shoot camera. I am going with the lightest and best cameras and lenses I can get my hands on. At age 71, I may never be able to return to a particular area. One camera I carry is the Sony RXIR. It is a one pound, no compromise full frame camera made for mountain backpacking.

Wiz Kelly says:

Lmao my guy has to chill with these intros 😂😂😂

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