Welcome aboard!

Just quick welcome to the people coming onboard via our GlobalEye special offer. There's still some time, so please feel free to tell your friends and colleagues... we're trying to (re)build a community here, so the more photographers the merrier!

A couple of quick points please....

1. Please be patient. Keep in mind, the premium packages we mentioned will NOT be available until after we switch the membership a monthly subscription. That's just part of our licensing deal with several of the vendors. Several of the items are already added ready to publish, so it won't take long.

2. If you find any bugs, let us know. There will be some we missed that we'll get sorted quickly now that we've got a few more people using the system. If you find anything not working as you'd expect, please do let us know via the contact form.

3. If you find any download links missing or not working... please justĀ  post a comment... broken link... for that item and we'll see it, fix it and remove your comment when we're done. Thanks!

4. Make sure you opt-in for the Weekly Digest. We've got a truckload of great content we can add to the Photographers Place archive now that it's no longer a free website... so make sure you opt-in for the weekly digestĀ  so you can see at a glance what we add each week. It's only ever one email a week, and only then if we've got news or downloads for you.

5. Heaps more on the way... We'll also be activating a few additional community features once things are up and running. We didn't want to overwhelm everyone from the get-go, so everything you see in the Members area is really just the start!

Thanks for your help, support and patience!

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