What is ISO or how to use ISO? Digital Photography Tutorial. Basic lesson for beginners

What is ISO or how to use ISO? Digital Photography Tutorial. Basic lesson for beginners

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Photography Tutorials & Tips: A detailed tutorial of “ISO” with picture samples.
Important Notes:

* The higher the ISO the more sensitive the sensor is going to be to light.
* The lower the ISO the less sensitive the sensor is going to be to light.

You use low ISO when shooting in daylight or with studio light.

You use high ISO when there is not a lot of light available. The drawback of high ISO is graininess/noise in picture.

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Sonja Leigh says:

Thank you for this video! It was very helpful! :)

norma Roj says:

Nice video! thanks

amazing, thanks for sharing this info in a good explanatory way :)

I've been trying to grasp the basic yet confusing concepts of aperture, shutter speed and ISO for MONTHS now, and everything I've read or watched has just made me even more confused. THANK YOU for your awesome videos. I finally get it!!! You put into such simple terms and with lots of detail. Thank you!

Thanks for the vid helps alot

mike black says:

Good video, but it's picture not pitcher.

I finally get it, thanks!

I have a question if someone could help me understand please

When you increase your shutter speed, you should increase your ISO because when increasing the shutter speed, there is less ambient light coming in. So to balance it, you have to increase your ISO to gather more light. If you don't do that, he says your picture will be overexposed. But I thought it would have been underexposed because there would not have been enough light entering the camera

Blue Dimond says:

why u shaking ???????

does a video explaining iso on a camera that he hasnt learned how to keep on a manual focus… smh

Todd Gilmore says:

not all that true.. because on budget camera's you need to be aware of ISO noise at high settings above 400 usually. Also just optical zooming causes a lot of noise as those pixels of light pull apart your image saved. The quality setting standard for any of those images weather 4:3 or 6:9 or whatever you use can reduce a little image save time making it faster depending of the megapixels. All I'm saying is that you need to find that happy place between ISO setting and megapixels saved as an image file. Especially useful if you don't have many manual settings on those cheaper camera's… I use a Fujifilm T500 and I take better quality photo's than some that use DSLR's and are Pro's in the field. It's all in how you use them and knowing every detail of your camera settings as well as possible!! I am already posting on National Geographic, Flikr, Facebook, and Viewbug.com

these videos are AWESOME! thank you so much for making them! easy to understand.

So if you wanted a brighter photo with a specific aperture but don't want to increase the noise, could you slow down the shutter speed instead of increasing ISO?

Lou Smith says:

Easy to follow, thx

R Giron says:

Great video. Highly recommended !!!

John Dough says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Thanks so much!  I love the way you teach starting at the basics.  I don't feel like a dummy for not knowing some of this, so thanks again for your teachings!  I'm learning so much from your videos!

in sample image : you are not decreasing the shutter speed from (1/60) to (1/250). Why do you say otherwise?

Thank you brother! This was very helpful video… In fact, m loving all your videos…

Your videos really helped me getting started with my Nikon D3200. You explain in a very easy-to-follow kinda way.I'm staying tuned and I will keep clicking! Thanks a million! 

Ravia Khan says:

You explain so well! It really helped me to understand. :)

Adan Ramirez says:

3200 max iso? ur camera is pretty shitty dude

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