Wineglass Splash Studio Photography Tutorial

Wineglass Splash Studio Photography Tutorial


In this studio photography tutorial, you will learn how to capture a photograph of a wineglass with a colored liquid flying out of it.




You're SO easy to understand. I don't own any of the gear that you have yet I can follow you. Definitely subscribed.

Cool Video, very informative, I hope the wife can cop with the mess!!!!

Michael B says:

Love the tutorials he puts out as well wish he had more

KidalBOY says:

Hi, your face is look like Steve Jobs :D

Jay N says:

Excellent..Subscribed! :-)

S Batohi says:

Just subscribed……….Watched just one video and was hooked. Explanations are easy to understand and extremely informative!!

TWO THUMBS UP buddy !!!
Thank you

Love the tutorials <3 


thanks a lot mister, thats very kind of you sharing this video :)

Were did you get your camera 

the things you show ie lights , do you think we are all made of money and can afford all this stuff why no show it with a speedlight thats is what most people have.

Zendail says:

Do they not sell the MC2 anymore?

As always, excellent demonstration.
; ]

The red and yellow liquids would be very interesting… to a doctor!

Thank you Evan, brilliant. What happened to your book?

Rajarshi Das says:

This video was wonderful ! I just wanted to know how do I get the e-book ?

Muhammad Ali says:


Terry Thomas says:

At 2:05 you say, "I can only use Paul C. Buff softboxes with Paul C. Buff strobes"
That is certainly NOT true!! ANY softbox will work as long as it will accept a Speed Ring that fits an Alien Bee or White Lightning or Einstein strobe. I know because I use Chimera soft boxes with my White Lightning and Alien Bee strobes.

You really need to edit your video to correct your incorrect statement!

Terry Thomas…
the photographer
Atlanta, Georgia USA

brilliant videos about photography

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